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Arthur Andrew Medical Neprinol APR (Advanced Pain Relief) (90 caps)
Arthur Andrew Medical Neprinol APR (Advanced Pain Relief) (90 caps)

Dietary Summary:
Dairy Free
Wheat Free
No Gluten

Neprinol APR is a powerful systemic enzyme formula that is able to lessen the swelling and pain after injury and surgery by digesting dead and damaged tissue.

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Product description
Neprinol APR is a good choice for anyone with an active lifestyle or who may suffer from chronic pain and stiffness due to inflammatory conditions. The product is also an excellent choice for the maintenance of one’s health and wellness. Neprinol APR (Advanced Pain Relief) is a proprietary combination of systemic enzymes including Serrapeptase, Bromelain, Papain and Lipase. These enzymes were specifically formulated to support a healthy inflammatory response and defend the body from the damaging effects of blood toxins. When the blood becomes riddled with waste and toxins, circulatory health can become impaired. Neprinol APR can help maintain optimal blood health as well as normal joint function. Neprinol APR Supports: Inflammation, pain and swelling, Reduced inflammation after sports and other injuries, Post operative healing, Pains including muscles, joints and arthritis, Sprains, bruises, tendinitis and other minor muscle injuries, Sinus and other ear, nose and throat problems. A new approach to addressing inflammation Healthy adults can now be proactive with their health and reduce the risk of many common conditions by taking the enzymes found in Neprinol APR. These enzymes can substantially lower circulating immune complexes (CIC’s). The immune-system can be overwhelmed with pathogens and even food particles that escape the gastro-intestinal tract. In response to these toxins, the body may create proteins that initiate an immune response. The immune system in turn produces antibodies to start degrading and removing these proteins (known as antigens). Antigens and antibodies combine to form CIC’s which are then attacked by white blood cells specifically designed to destroy them. Unlike taking a daily regimen of NSAID’s, Neprinol APR cleanses the blood by removing unwanted debris and CIC’s which not only supports a healthy inflammatory response, but also immune and circulatory function.
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