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Baby food

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Bear YoYo Strawberry Multipack (5x20g)
Organix 12+ Months Goodies Organic Carrot Cake Bars (6x30g)
Organix 12+ Months Goodies Organic Raspberry and Apple Bars (6x30g)
Bear YoYo Blackcurrant Roll (20g)
Bear YoYo Mango Fruit Roll (20g)
Bear YoYo Strawberry & Apple (20g)
Ella's Kitchen Organic Apples 4+ Months (70g)
Ella's Kitchen Organic 4+ Months Banana & Apricot Baby Rice (120g)
Ella's Kitchen Organic 4+ Months Apples & Bananas (120g)
Ella's Kitchen Organic 4+ Months Peaches & Bananas (120g)
Ella's Kitchen Organic Pears 4+ Months (70g)
Ella's Kitchen Organic 6+ Months Baby Brekkie Mango (100g)
Ella's Kitchen Organic The Red One (90g)
Ella's Kitchen Organic Mangoes 4+ Months (70g)
EK Brekkie Bluebry & Pear (100g)
Ella's Kitchen Organic The Purple One (90g)
Piccolo Pure Williams Pear (70g)
Piccolo Pear; Strawberry & Blackberry Yoghurt with Wholegrain Oats (100g)
Piccolo Banana; Blueberry; Apple & Vanilla (100g)
Clearspring Organic Apple Plum Puree (200g)
Organix Organic Raisins Multipack (12x14g)
Little Pasta Organics Spinach & Broccoli Sauce (130g)
Organix 7+ Months Finger Foods Organic Tomato Slices (20g)
EK Straw & Apple Fingers (5x25g)
Bear YoYo Raspberry Multipack (5x20g)
Bear YoYo Mango Multipack (5x20g)
Ella's Kitchen Organic 4+ Months Strawberries & Apples (120g)
Organix Goodies Mini Cheese Crackers (4x20g)
Organix Ban/Peach/App Muesli (200g)
Organix Organic Apple Rice Cakes (50g)
Organix Multigrain porridge (200g)
Organix Banana/Plum Porridge (200g)
Organix Baby Rice (100g)
Piccolo Organic Apple; Apricot withi Cinnamon (100g)
Piccolo Sweet Potato; Beetroot; Pear & Apple (100g)
Piccolo Courgette & Pea with Mint (100g)
EK Ban & Raisin Fingers (5x25g)

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