Sugar, if refined and white is 99.9% pure sucrose, a highly processed substance that can upset the body’s own natural blood sugar level by passing too quickly into the blood stream. Brown and unrefined sugar is still processed and contains between 87% and 96% sucrose, the remainder being molasses syrup. The darker and stickier the sugar the more molasses it contains. Sugar is either extracted from tropical sugar cane or from the root of the sugar beet grown in East Anglia. With ORGANIC sugar, whilst the environment may benefit somewhat from conventional production, the nutritional profile remains much the same. Less refined sugar is branded as RAPADURA and SUCANAT. For natural sweeteners with a more gentle effect on the blood sugar level try MALT SYRUPS.

There are many different varieties of sugar as defined below:
Caster Sugar
Caster sugar has very fine crystals making this sugar excellent for sprinkling and including in recipes. It is known as caster sugar because it can be stores in a caster/jar or bottle with a perforated lid for pouring.

Muscovado sugar
It is dark brown in colour and is a raw cane sugar rich in flavour. It contains approximately 13% molasses and has a soft fine texture.

Dark brown soft sugar
This is an unrefined sugar that is soft and moist with fine crystals. It has a full flavour and a distinct caramel taste.

Demerara sugar
This is a raw cane sugar that has a low molasses content of about 2%. The molasses give it a delicate flavour and delicious aroma. It has a moist texture with large crystals.

Granulated sugar
This is the most popular kind of sugar. It has medium size crystals and is very versatile.

Icing sugar
Icing sugar is made by grinding white sugar into a very fine powder.

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