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Cereals & flakes

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BeMindFuel Chia Pudding Mix Dark Chocolate (45g)
BeMindFuel Chia Pudding Mix Vanilla (45g)
BeMindFuel Chia Pudding Mix Raspberry (40g)
BeMindFuel Chia Pudding Mix Banana (45g)
Doves Farm Organic Corn Flakes (375g)
Planet Organic Quinoa Flakes (500g)
Whole Earth Organic Cocoa Crunch (375g)
Amisa Organic Spelt Flakes (250g)
Doves Organic Gluten Free Chocolate Stars (375g)
Doves Farm Cocoa Rice (375g)
Doves Farm Fibre Flakes (300g)
Rude Health Puffed Rice (225g)
Biona Organic Honey & Hazel Crunchy (375g)
Amisa Organic Spelt Puffs (200g)
Amisa Organic Spelt Honey Pops (200g)
Iswari Buddha's Awakening Mango & Baobab (360g)
BeMindFuel Chia Pudding Mix Matcha Latte (45g)
Biona Organic Chocolate Crunchy (375g)
Iswari Buddha's Awakening Hempiness (360g)
Just Natural Oats Groats (500g)
Whole Earth Organic Maple Frosted Flakes (375g)
Just Natural Barley Flakes (500g)
Iswari Buddha's Awakening Acai; Banana and Strawberry (360g)
Just Natural Spelt Flakes (500g)
Whole Earth Cornflakes (375g)
Just Natural Rye Flakes (350g)
Iswari Buddha's Awakening Maca and vanilla (360g)
Iswari Buddha's Awakening Chocolate Hit (360g)
Planet Organic Buckwheat Flakes (500g)

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Dairy Free
Certified Gluten Free
Certified Gluten Free
No Gluten
No Gluten
Wheat Free
Wheat Free