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Energised Breakfast

Everything you need to start the day with a Kick!
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Biona Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Spread (350g)
Biona Dark Chocolate Spread (350g)
Eat Natural Super Granola Buckwheat (425g)
Linwoods Organic Milled Flaxseed; Sunflower & Pumpkin Seeds (425g)
Everfresh Sprout Spelt Bread (400g)
Linwoods Organic Milled Flaxseed; Nuts & CO Q10 (360g)
Biona Organic White Almond Butter (170g)
What A Melon Water (330ml)
Teapigs Darjeeling Earl Grey (15 bags)
Teapigs Pure Lemongrass (15 bags)
Teapigs Yerba Mate (15 bags)
Teapigs Green Tea With Mint (15 bags)
Teapigs Chamomile Flowers (15 bags)
Teapigs Mao Feng Green Tea (15 bags)
Teapigs Jasmine Pearls (15bags)
Teapigs Silver Tips White Tea (15 bags)
Biona Organic CocoBella (250g)
Toca Galician Honey & Propolis (270g)
Everfresh Sprout Rye bread (400g)
Linwoods Milled Flax; Sunflower; Pumpkin; Sesame & Goji Berries (425g)
Toca Galician Honey & Royal Jelly (270g)
Teapigs Rhubarb & Ginger (15bag)
Biona Organic Cashew Nut Butter (170g)
Rude Health 5 Grain 5 Seed Porridge (500g)
Biona Sunflower Seed Butter (170g)
Biona Organic Mixed Nut Butter (170g)
Teapigs Chai Tea (15bags)
Linwoods Organic Milled Flaxseed (425g)
Teapigs Everyday Brew (50 bags)
Teapigs Peppermint Leaves (50 bags)
Rude Health Fruity Date Porridge (550g)
Eat Natural Granola With Protein (500g)
Teapigs Liquorice & Mint (50 bags)
Teapigs Mao Feng Green Tea (50 bags)
Teapigs Peppermint Leaves (15 bags)
Rude Health Ging/Turmeric Oatys (200g)

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