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Raw chocolate

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Loving Earth Nutty Mr Maple Chocolate Bar (45g)
Adam's Cold Pressed Chocolate - Mint Pouch (82g)
Mulu Heavenly Hazelnut Raw Chocolate Truffles (90g)
The Raw Chocolate Company Chocolate Mulberries (28g) Sale
Conscious Chocolate Essential Orange Mini Bars (15g)
Raw Chocolate Co Vanoffe (44g) Sale
£1.99 £2.49
Lovechock Hazelnut Matcha Creamy (40g)
Lovechock Coconut Nibs Creamy (40g)
Almighty Foods Strawberry Blonde Chocolate Bar (40g)
Pana Raw Chocolate Pineapple & Ginger (45g)
Raw Halo Mylk + Vanilla Raw Chocolate Bar (70g)
Raw Chocolate Co Pitch Dark (44g) Sale
£1.75 £2.19
Almighty Foods Almond Butter Chocolate Bar (40g)
Almighty Foods Golden Blonde Chocolate Bar (40g)
Raw Halo Pure Dark Raw Chocolate Bar (70g)
Raw Halo Mylk + Pink Himalayan Salt Raw Chocolate Bar (70g)
Almighty Foods Coffee & Hemp Chocolate Bar (40g)
Mulu Radiant Raspberry Raw Chocolate Truffles (90g)
Mulu Velvet Vanilla Raw Chocolate Truffles (90g)
OCTO Bananas coated in Raw Chocolate 70% (200g)
OCTO Dates Coated in Raw Chocolate (200g)
Almighty Foods Tigernut Butter Chocolate Bar (40g)
Mulu Mystic Midnight Raw Chocolate Truffles (90g)
Adam's Cold Pressed Chocolate - Goji Berry & Pistachio Pouch (82g)
Adam's Cold Pressed Chocolate - Coconut & Banana Pouch (82g)
Adam's Cold Pressed Chocolate - Hazelnut & Blackcurrant Pouch (82g)
OCTO Craft Chocolate coated Figs (200g)
Rhythm 108 Deelicious Swiss Chocolate Bar - Hazelnut Praline (33g) Sale
OCTO Almonds Coated in Raw Chocolate with Coconut Water (200g)
OCTO Cashews Coated in Raw Coconut Chocolate (200g)
OCTO Almonds Coated in Raw Chocolate (200g)
OCTO Craft Coconut Chocolate covered Hazelnuts (200g)
Ombar Cocomylk (35g)

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