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Renew Life CleanseMORE (60 caps)
Renew Life CleanseMORE (60 caps)

Dietary Summary:
Dairy Free
Wheat Free
Certified Gluten Free

Works to relieve constipation without the use of purgative laxatives. Instead of using harsh laxatives such as cascara sagrada or senna, CleanseMORE relies on gentle stimulating herbs that are non-habit forming, and Magnesium to hydrate the bowel.

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Product description
What is CleanseMORE? CleanseMORE is an all natural colon support formula for relief of occasional constipation. How is it delivered? CleanseMORE is an herbal / mineral formula delivered in vegetable capsules. What does it do? CleanseMORE stimulates the colon’s normal functions to enhance elimination without the use of harsh laxatives. How does it work? CleanseMORE enhances elimination through two different mechanisms. The first mechanism is through hydration of the colon. The most common cause of constipation is dehydration of the colon. CleanseMORE allows for proper hydration of the colon by using the mineral, magnesium hydroxide. Magnesium hydroxide helps to regulate water into the bowel. If sufficient levels are ingested, a state of hydragogue (water flushed into the bowel) is created in the colon. When the colon is fully hydrated, elimination can occur without the need of harsh laxatives. The second mechanism enhanced by CleanseMORE is peristalsis. Peristalsis is the smooth muscle contraction of the colon. The herb rhubarb root contains the active ingredient ‘anthraquinone’ which stimulates peristalsis. Triphala, an ayurvedic blend of herbs traditionally used in India, also stimulates peristalsis. By hydrating the colon, as well as stimulating peristalsis, elimination can be achieved at a normal level (2-3 times per day). CleanseMORE is formulated to improve elimination while avoiding the side effects of laxatives. Most laxatives purge the colon of its contents instead of helping to achieve a natural bowel movement. Herbs, such as casgara sagrada and senna, have this purging action, which can irritate and weaken the colon. Over time, the colon can become dependant on these purging herbs and lose its ability to contract properly. This can cause infrequent elimination. What can I expect? Depending on your current level of elimination, CleanseMORE can have different effects. In the first few days, you may notice a loosening of your stool due to increased water in the colon. This is a positive thing. But, if you feel it is too loose, increase your fibre intake (FibreSMART) to solidify your stool. If you regularly have 1 bowel movement per day, CleanseMORE may increase this to 2 or 3 times per day. If you have bowel movements less than once per day, CleanseMORE may increase this to once per day or more.
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13 October 2016
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Excellent natural product
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