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Linwoods Milled Flaxseed with Bio Cultures & Vitamin D (360g)
Linwoods Milled Flax; Sunflower; Pumpkin; Sesame & Goji Berries (425g)
Linwoods Organic Milled Flaxseed (425g)
Linwoods Organic Milled Flaxseed; Sunflower & Pumpkin Seeds (425g)
Linwoods Organic Milled Flaxseed; Nuts & CO Q10 (360g)
Planet Organic Pumpkin Seeds (500g)
Planet Organic Chia Seeds (500g)
Planet Organic Sunflower Seeds (500g)
Planet Organic Unhulled Sesame Seeds (250g)
Clearspring Tamari Roasted Pumpkin Seeds (35g) Sale
£1.06 £1.25
Planet Organic Sunflower Seeds (250g)
Planet Organic Pumpkin Seeds (250g)
Biona Organic Hemp Seed (-OMEGA rich) (250g)
Planet Organic Chia Seeds (250g)
Nutiva Organic Hemp Seeds (227g)
Prewett's Organic Ground Flaxseed (175g)
Planet Organic Golden Linseed (500g)
Planet Organic Omega 3 Seed Mix (250g)
Planet Organic Pumpkin & Sunflower Mix (250g)
Biosnacky Gourmet Seeds (40g)
Planet Organic Golden Linseed (250g)
Biosnacky Alfalfa Seeds
Raw Ecstasy Activated Pepitas (300g)
Biosnacky Radish (40g)
Biosnacky Detox Seeds
Biona Rye Sunflower Seeds (500g)
Primrose's Kitchen Beetroot Sprinkle (200g) Sale
£5.91 £6.95
Planet Organic Pumpkin Seeds (125g)
Raw Living Activated Sunseeds with Shiitake (100g)
Virginia Harvest Cold Milled Flaxseeds (175g)
Raw Living Activated Sunseeds with Spirulina (100g)
The Chia Co Black Chia Shot (7.5g)
The Chia Co White Chia Shot (7.5g)

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