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Xylobrit Sugar Free Natural Sweetener (250g)

Dietary Summary:
Dairy Free
Wheat Free
No Gluten

Xylobrit looks and tastes just like sugar and leaves no unpleasant after taste. It can be used just like normal sugar in hot & cold drinks, on desserts and cereals and in home baking.

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Product description
XyloBrit consists of 100% pure Xylitol, a sugar-free natural sweetener technically described as a Polyol. Xylitol is a natural constituent of many fruits and vegetables though the crystalline Xylitol used in XyloBrit is actually extracted from birch trees in Finland. XyloBrit looks and tastes just like ordinary sugar with no aftertaste and has the same sweetness as ordinary sugar. The human body typically produces 5 15g of Xylitol per day during its natural carbohydrate metabolism. With the same level of sweetness as sugar, Xylobrit can be used just like ordinary sugar in hot and cold drinks, on deserts and cereals, and in home baking by replacing ordinary sugar in the recipe on a one-for-one basis. XyloBrit has a very low Glycaemic Index (GI = 8) : it does not cause fluctuations in blood sugar levels as do ordinary sugars and does not therefore encourage the tendency to snack. XyloBrit can thus be used by people on low-GI diets, and, because it does not need insulin to be metabolised, can be safely used by Diabetics. It also has only 2.4 calories per gram (as opposed to 4.0 calories/g in ordinary sugar) so can be used by dieters as part of a low-calorie diet. XyloBrit is also non-criogenic, i.e., it does not promote the growth of caries-forming bacteria in the mouth as does ordinary suar. (Xylitol is used extensively in sugar-free chewing-gum and oral-hygiene products because of these special dental-care properties). XyloBrit is less hydroscopic than ordinary sugars i.e. it is less prone to absorb moisture from the air. XyloBrit is packed in a resealable pouch which should be sufficient to protect the contents from moisture absorption in normal circumstances without the need for storage in an airtight container.
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