5 Reasons to Use Natural Teeth Whitening
5 Reasons to Use Natural Teeth Whitening

5 Reasons to Use Natural Teeth Whitening

Tuesday, 4th July 2017

Here are the 5 reasons to use Natural Teeth Whitening
  • Its Natural, Teeth Whitening Powder is 100% natural and free from synthetic additives, colours, preservatives, foaming agents, artificial flavours, fluoride etc.
  • Their products are made in small batches with premium food grade ingredients, to ensure consistency and quality in every tub. All products are made in the UK and are covered by the highest manufacturing standards in the world (GMP & BCR).
  • Natural Teeth Whitening is proven to work better than 99% of traditional teeth whitening strips and other home methods.
  • Their Products work with High Purity Activated Charcoal with Calcium, Ginger Root & Sodium for added benefits to teeth and gums. These ingredients help the whitening powder to latch onto stubborn stains and allows the charcoal to remove unwanted markings and stains from teeth. 
  • It leaves your mouth feeling fresh and smelling great with our added peppermint ingredients, so you end up with not just a pearly white smile, but a great feeling and taste.

Natural Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder By Natural Teeth Whitening Company - Teeth Whitener Kit -

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