6 Tips to Boost immunity to Help Avoid Colds and Flu
6 Tips to Boost immunity to Help Avoid Colds and Flu

6 Tips to Boost immunity to Help Avoid Colds and Flu

Monday, 5th December 2016

The UK Health and Safety Executive reported that in 2015 over 21 million days of work were lost due to illness. Students also lost a huge number of days due to illness which can be especially inconvenient during exam periods.
We all know how beneficial a healthy diet can be but here are a few other simple lifestyle tips which can help you avoid colds and flu.  Our first and most important line of defence is our immune system- it is the best insurance one can have when it comes to helping fight off illness so it’s important make sure it’s well looked after and in top working order.

1.     Eliminate refined sugar- it has been shown to compromise immunity. Reduce intake or substitute natural sweeteners like honey, coconut sugar, stevia or xylitol.
2.     Avoid coffee, it dehydrates the body and can deplete nutrients which can make one more susceptible to illness. Try herbal teas or matcha tea instead.
3.     Eat more protein. Carbohydrates, especially refined ones like white flour, spike sugar levels in blood due to their high glycemic index which stresses the immune system and encourages bacteria growth. Protein is key to helping strengthen the immune system.
4.     Take a good immune support supplement daily or at the first sign of illness (or when feeling run down). Bee Prepared immune formulas contain natural, plant based nutrients with proven benefits which are unique in that they are not usually found in a regular diet (including bee propolis, olive leaf , black elderberry, beta glucans, astaxanthin and acerola cherry). These effective ingredients support, but never over stimulate, the immune system. It is ideal for year round use and is suitable for most ages.
5.     Go easy on over the counter remedies. They often contain chemicals and synthetic ingredients which could be harmful to the liver in large amounts. There are lots of natural remedies which do no harm and are very helpful. Even simple honey has been shown to be one of the most effective cough suppressants.
6.     Exercise. Research has shown that those who exercise regularly have half as many sick days due to colds and flus as moderate exercise strengthens the immune system.

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