7 reasons to love Planet Organic Coffee
7 reasons to love Planet Organic Coffee

7 reasons to love Planet Organic Coffee

Wednesday, 29th July 2015

We think that there are 7 extra special reasons and we wanted to share with you what we think makes our coffee that truly wonderful.

Whether it is your morning must have or your afternoon treat, we think there are more reasons to love grabbing a cup of hot joe from one of our stores


  1. 1.  Our coffee is 100% Fairtrade certified. It comes from a co-operative farm, called COAPROCL, based in Copan in Honduras, near the Guatemalan border.
  1. 2.  Of course, our coffee is organically farmed. This means it is free from artificial chemicals, pesticides and are not genetically modified, not to mention they promote diversity in the area ensuring a continuation of the natural wildlife.
  1. 3.  As our coffee comes from a co-operative farm, you can rest in the knowledge that with every sip you take you are enabling a community to build infrastructure in the form of schools, sanitation and transport.
  1. 4.  We use a whole bean medium/full roast with a strength guide of 4. This is attributed to a smooth, well balanced flavour, pleasant aroma and a refreshing acidity.
  1. 5.  Right after roasting, our whole beans are packed into a specially sealed bag which allows them to breathe, yet retain that special just roasted taste and aroma.
  1. 6.  We use the purest water on the planet to create each cup. We run our water through a reverse osmosis & deionising machine that filters out every possible impurity, leaving behind pure H2O, and nothing else. This means you get the full flavour without any imperfections.
  1. 7.  In our cafés you can choose to blend your coffee with more than 10 varieties of dairy and non-dairy milks. So whether you want a coconut milk flat white, a vanilla soya cappuccino or a skinny latté - the options are endless! 

So why don’t you swing by and join us for the wonderful tasty and special cup of coffee!


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