Abbot Kinney's Organic Nut Yogurts
Abbot Kinney's Organic Nut Yogurts

Abbot Kinney's Organic Nut Yogurts

Monday, 13th March 2017

Everything you should know Abbot Kinney's nut yogurts.
At Abbot Kinney’s, we use the best ingredients we can find to make plant based, organic products that taste delicious. Whether it’s our Vietnamese coconut milk, our Sicilian almonds or our Alfonso mangos from India, only the tastiest, healthiest and most nutritious ingredients make the cut.
We believe in the power of simplicity. If you have the best almonds and coconuts, and you have a great recipe, there’s not much else you need. We don’t use any strange production processes or weird additives that confuse your body to make our products cheaper or make us more profitable. We try to make recipes that are nutritious and delicious out of a few of the very best ingredients we can find. Just like you would at home

Plant-based food is good for a variety of reasons. Your body was built to eat plants and a plant-based diet is a lot more environmentally friendly. At Abbot Kinney’s, we want to make it easier for people to live and eat in a plant based world. So by choosing the right ingredients, we can make brilliant products that are good for you, good for the planet and tasty with it.
For example, our Coco Start Mango contains pure, mashed up Alfonso mangoes from the west coast of India. Their beautiful, dark-yellow flesh is naturally rich in fibre, which makes for such good quality puree. It also happens to be wonderfully sweet and full of flavour. The flesh is so tasty that we don’t need to add any sugar, flavourings or colouring agents at all. Nature at its best!

Almond Start is a fresh tasting, delicious new alternative to yoghurt. Made from organic Sicilian almonds, it’s naturally lactose and gluten free and great with fruit, nuts and granola. Perfect for breakfast, a tasty snack, an after dinner treat or simply by itself. Almond Start is made using four simple, plant-based ingredients. No sugar, sweeteners or any other weird stuff. After all, when you’re already using delicious Sicilian Tuono almonds, there’s no need to add much else. The almond milk we use contains three times as many almonds as regular almond milk and since our almonds are not strained or processed, they retain 100% of their nutritional value.

Abbot Kinney’s great adventure began with Coco Start. The creamy texture, the soft flavour of coconut milk, and the fresh tang of yoghurt cultures…we fell in love on the spot. Coco Start is made using three simple plant-based ingredients. No sugar, sweeteners or any other weird stuff. What’s more, Coco Start contains less naturally occurring sugar than regular natural yoghurt. An added bonus if ever there was one.


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