About Pana Raw Chocolate
About Pana Raw Chocolate

About Pana Raw Chocolate

Tuesday, 3rd May 2016

Pana Chocolate is one of the fastest growing raw, organic chocolates in the world and sold in over 20 countries, in over 3,000 outlets globally, in Pana Chocolate shops and satellite stores.
The company has almost doubled year-on-year since starting in July 2012. Founded in Australia by creator Pana Barbounis this unique, sustainable business does not compromise the planet or its people.  

Pana Chocolate was founded with the intention of creating a rich, luxurious chocolate that the whole world could enjoy. A chocolate that made people stop, if only for a moment, to enjoy myriad sensations: cacao melting on the tongue, surprising bursts of citrus or herb, the sweetness of agave, the character of coconut; a sophisticated chocolate that is at once smooth and textured, sweet and spicy.


Pana Chocolate is handmade from raw, organic ingredients with no refined sugar and is produced using minimal heat. Chocolate that’s full of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Chocolate without preservatives, that’s Low GI, vegan, and free from gluten, dairy, and soy. Chocolate that loves what’s within, as well as the earth it came from, using only recyclable and earth friendly packaging and not to mention beautifully designed.
Pana Chocolate is a moment of pure indulgence accompanied by the knowledge that you’re nourishing your body with beautiful ingredients sourced from around the world. Organic ingredients from producers who adhere to sustainable and fair trade practices and farmers who get the best value for their hard work. Think cacao powder from Bolivia and Dominican Republic, cacao butter from Peru, cinnamon from Sri Lanka, coconut from The Philippines and an abundance of delicious accompanying ingredients like nuts, goji berries, figs and pure 100% essential oils.

Pana Chocolate’s sustainable development and production ethos carries through to its core. Over the last 3 years Pana Chocolate have planted over 22,000 trees in association with Wetland Care Australia and Landcare Australia and have committed to another 12,000 this year. A company that lives and breathes its motto “Love Your Insides. Love the Earth”.

Get your hands of one of these of handmade packages of love as this is the chocolate that keeps on giving. One bite. The whole bar. A guilty pleasure that's not so guilty after all!

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06 May 2016
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Amazing chocolate and reason to eat it

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