Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar

Friday, 28th November 2014

Getting ready for Christmas this weekend? We have an easy do-it-yourself advent calendar to help you get started. The instructions are provided, all you need to do is print and get some little helpers to help you along!

   Download advent calendar   design HERE
   24 sheets of thick paper  
   A pair of scissors

   Double face tape
   A black board or string
   Liquid chalk (any colour you want)

STEP 1: Print all of the designs on thick paper 



STEP 2: Cut along outer borders

STEP 3: Cut half of the four outer squares (see below)




 STEP 4: Fold according to the lines. 


STEP 6: Place glue where blue dots are below. 

STEP 7: Fold glued sides to the rectangular sides (see below).  


STEP 8: Repeat for the other 24 boxes

STEP 9: Gather blackboard and chalk. If you don't have a blackboard, don't worry place a string inside the boxes to create a nice garland. You can fix the garland against a wall or even on your christmas tree.

STEP 10: Draw whatever you want and place double faced cellotape on blackboard. 

STEP 12: Stick boxes to blackboard with already placed tape. 

STEP 8: Voila! 


Below are some suggestions on what to include in your Advent Calendar:

And some sweet treats:


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28 Nov 2014
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Love your blog and the advent calendar idea. Such a great DIY, I made it and it looks so nice on top of my fire place!

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