All about Matcha
All about Matcha

All about Matcha

Tuesday, 17th May 2016

All you need to know about matcha with a recipe on how you can use it!
What is matcha?
Matcha is 100% ground green tea leaves from Japan – essentially a super power green tea containing natural green tea flavonoids (catechins). Matcha contains the EGCG catechin which research shows has an antioxidant effect on the body.
Matcha tea bushes are grown under shade which boosts their chlorophyll content (the bright green stuff that contains lots of nutrients).
Because the matcha leaves are ground to a super fine powder using granite stones, using this traditional method in a controlled environment can prevent nutrient loss. When you drink matcha, you’re ingesting every little bit of green tea good stuff. This means that drinking matcha can be like 10 cups of regular green tea for its nutrient value.
The matcha checklist
With so many different varieties of matcha on the market now days, it's important to know that you're getting the real deal. There are a couple of basic things to keep in mind when on the hunt for your perfect matcha:
  • it should always be a powder
  • it should always be bright, bright green
  • it should be 100% pure green tea leaves (some matcha can contain stems and veins which can dilute the nutritional value and leave it tasting bitter)
  • the most authentic matcha is grown in Japan
  • should never come in a teabag – or you won’t get all the good stuff!
What can matcha do for you?

1. Brain power
Matcha contains the amino acid, L-theanine. Lots of research has been conducted in to how L-theanine can promote alpha brain waves which help with concentration and alertness.

2. Slow release energy
Like all green tea, matcha naturally contains caffeine. This works together with L-theanine to give you a slow release of energy of up to 6 hours, no more afternoon slumps.

3. Calorie burning
Lots of studies are looking at the effect that green tea can have on thermogenesis (the rate at which the body burns calories) and on fat oxidation during exercise. Green tea extract is used in lots of slimming supplements. Matcha is probably the purest and most natural form of green tea.

4. Healthy skin
Green tea contains polyphenols – researchers have found can drinking green tea polyphenols can inhibit UV-radiation-induced skin damage, helping to keep your skin looking younger.
Matcha smoothie bowl
There are many different ways to enjoy matcha, we have selected one of our favourites...(serves 1)

For the toppings: Fresh fruits, Nuts,Seeds
1. Add all the smoothie bowl ingredients to a blender and process for 1-2 minutes to yield a smooth, creamy purée.
2. Transfer to a serving bowl, arrange your chosen fruits, nuts and seeds attractively on top, and serve. Immediately.

Recipes: Alex Nazaruk for Good Things Magazine
Photography: Alice Griffiths for Good Things Magazine

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