All About Motion Nutrition

All About Motion Nutrition

Friday, 4th March 2016

I’m Joe, cofounder of Motion Nutrition. I used to compete as a professional swimmer, training 25 hours a week, eating only the cleanest organic food.
Something bugged me: “I can buy such great quality food, so why are all supplements full of corn starch and synthetics?” It didn’t add up. After competing in the 2014 Commonwealth Games, I put this question to my friend Charlie who ran a sports management start up in London. Together, we decided it was time to offer something different, something real.

Are sports supplements for you? Let’s see. You work out. You eat well. You strive to be fit, strong, healthy. But you are human. Sometimes, you just want to stay in bed. Go straight home. Bypass the gym. Sometimes, you need a little help. Green tea doesn’t cut it. Coffee gives you the jitters. Your friend takes a pre workout supplement which you tried once, but you didn’t sleep that night. Is there another way?


What about an organic certified supplement made entirely of superfoods, which gives you a boost of energy AND is über healthy? Sounds tasty, right? When Charlie and I approached Miguel Mateas, a leading researcher in functional nutrition, our brief was simple. “Can you help us create a range of products which will boost the user’s workout, and enhance their health?” Yes, he could. So we did.


The result is Motion Nutrition. A beautiful range of organic certified sports supplements for the health-conscious – pre, mid, post workout blends and protein shakes all available now from Planet Organic. 


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