All About Nutcrafter Creamery

All About Nutcrafter Creamery

Monday, 9th May 2016

Nutcrafter Creamery now produces UK's first raw, cultured and activated nut cheese alternative.
We started with the assumption that dairy milk and cashews shared three of the main ingredients: fat, water and sugar. We worked hard and through trial and error we successfully applied procedures and processes similar to traditional dairy craftsmanship, including curdling, fermentation and air aging. We began to offer our cheese to customers and the comments were more than encouraging.

  • Why is it raw? It is raw because food heated over a temperature of 105 degree Fahrenheit is believed to be “dead”, exploited of most of the nutrients and properties.
  • Why is it cultured? It is cultured because our acidophilus bacteria are living probiotic micro organisms beneficial to food and to our digestive system.
  • Why is it activated? It is activated because by soaking and dehydrating nuts we rid the nuts of phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors. These toxins are naturally contained in nuts with the function of protecting them from parasites but unfortunately they also reduce the ability for our bodies to absorb nutrients properly. That's why by mocking nature we can enjoy nuts when they are ready to sprout and at their most nutrient state.
A good source of vegetable proteins and probiotics, Nutcrafter Creamery cheese alternative contains no gluten, no casein, no soy, no yeast and is lactose and cholesterol free. Furthermore, it's made with absolutely no preservatives, artificial ingredients or additives. Made by vegan people in Scotland!



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