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Bee Energised Energy & Focus Juice

Bee Energised Energy & Focus Juice

Thursday, 22nd February 2018

Boost your brain power with this speedy concoction from UnBEElievable
Most of us tend to feel run down, tired & experience brain fog from time to time (if not much of the time!). Improving your diet by reducing sugar intake & eating more fruits and vegetables can help. Supplementing your diet with certain nutritional supplements can also provide a further boost.
Unbeelievable Health's Bee Energised energy & focus supplements are unique in that they combine concentrated amounts of plant sourced nutrients with proven benefits which are not usually found in a regular diet or multi vitamin. The capsule contents can be opened into juices, smoothies and low heat recipes. 
They contain organic bee pollen of the highest quality from the pristine hills of Galicia Spain, organic matcha tea & spirulina, along with rose hips (one of the most concentrated sources of vitamin C), ginseng, B vitamins, and more. 
Award winning Bee Energised is Vegetarian Society Approved & formulated by nutritionists. They help improve energy & focus without the jitters and crashes (due to the high levels of l-theanine) and benefits build with time. Bee Energised is helpful for fitness & sports training, at work, before & during exams, when run down, experiencing jet lag & to help resolve ongoing issues with fatigue and lethargy. 

Handful of spinach
Small cucumber 
2/3 cup pineapple
1 1/2 cups coconut (or plain) water
1 apple (core removed)
Fresh mint or basil (optional)
Capsule contents of 2 Bee Energised
Wash all fruit & veg and whizz up ingredients in a blender or Nutribullet. Should make enough for 1-2 juices.
This juice is a great way to get a tasty blast of get up and go!! 

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