Planet Organic's CBD Range (in-store only)

Explore Planet Organic's CBD products, including pure CBD oils, sprays, CBD drinks and more in our stores. You can enjoy the benefits of CBD through our in-store stock of cannabidiol and hemp-based products.

The use of cannabidiol oil, organic hemp oil and similar products have been linked to improvements in anxiety, cognition, movement disorders and pain management.

Derived from natural, plant-based sources, all the CBD oil for sale and CBD products through Planet Organic are from leading, reputable manufacturers and have been independently lab tested. If you are looking to buy CBD hemp oil products, our range of cannabidiol CBD oil and other products is the place to start.

Discover more information about the CBD Oil benefits in our blog about getting started with CBD and Cannabis Oil and begin your journey straight away with our collection of the best CBD oil UK.

CBD Hemp Oil

See below for our range of CBD hemp oils UK, in stock in our stores.

Balanced Full Spectrum CBD

Balanced Full Spectrum CBD is a cannabidiol oil produced by health and wellbeing experts in Switzerland. Organically grown and created from the extract of cannabinoids, terpenes, antioxidants & phytonutrients from Cannabis sativa. This is one of the most popular CBD oils in the UK. Available now in-store.

Balanced Full Spectrum CBD Oil 15%



Gold Leaf CBD Spray

Inari Health’s Gold Leaf 40% CBD spray is of premium quality and strength. Made from full-spectrum hemp gold leaf extracts blended with MCT oil, it maximises absorption and maintains the benefits of a natural entourage effect too. Each 10ml bottle contains a minimum of 4,000mg CBD. Peppermint flavoured and created from organic hemp sourced from the Swiss mountains you can buy Gold Leaf CBD spray here at Planet Organic.

Gold Leaf CBD Spray 40%


CBD Drinks

Our Planet Organic range also includes drinks that are designed for maximum taste and refreshment without added sugar and with the complementary health benefits of CBD products. See below for our range of trip drinks available in-store.

TRIP CBD Elderflower Mint Drink

TRIP's CBD Elderflower & Lime is a delicious trip drink providing a refreshing drinking experience designed to help you alleviate stress and unwind. A classic combination of flavours without added sugar and toxins. The perfect organic and vegan drink with 15mg CBD and under 20 calories.

TRIP CBD Lightly Sparkling Elderflower & Mint Drink

TRIP CBD Lightly Sparkling Elderflower & Mint Drink


Drink 420 - CBD Infused Elderflower & Lime

With CBD Infused Sparkling Elderflower and Lime it is time to unwind without the high. Drink 420 use CBD derived from the hemp plant, which contains no THC. Drink 420's CBD infused sparkling beverages are all-natural, contain no added sugar and are only 33 calories per can with 15mg of CBD.

Drink420 CBD Infused Elderflower & Lime Drink


Other CBD Products

If you're looking for a delicious treat that is sugar-free and infused with the health benefits of CBD, take a look below at our sweet CBD treats that won't break your diet and will leave you feeling energised.

Nooro Lemon + Ginger CBD Bar

A refreshing moment of natural lemon and spicy ginger means this Nooro bar is like waking up in a lemon grove with a delicious, spiced oat cake in your hand. Blended with Nooro's mix of nootropics, Maca and L-Theanine, as well as 25mg of CBD, it’s a slow-burning oat snack that’ll boost brain circulation and memory while putting a lemony bounce in your boots. No Added Sugar. Raw, Vegan & Gluten-Free.

Nooro Lemon+Ginger CBD Bar


Mr Prempy's Chocolate Hemp CBD Truffles

These CBD raw chocolate ganache truffles infused with peppermint CBD and hemp oil are a delicious way to get your dose of CBD without the usual guilt that comes from eating chocolate. Coated in 90% single origin raw dark chocolate.

Mr Prempy's Chocolate Hemp CBD Truffles


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