home compostable packaging everyday range

Why we use Home Compostable Packaging

Today the UK produces 5 million tons of plastic waste every year, with only 26 per cent of it recycled, according to the World Wildlife Fund. This has meant that our customers at Planet Organic are becoming increasingly concerned about plastic waste, so have been asking for more sustainable alternatives.

At Planet Organic our mission is to promote health in our communities and to inspire our customers to discover better. As a company, we strive to be ethically innovative and sustainable in every aspect of our operation.

Over the years we have undertaken various actions to offer help make our customers lives easier and more sustainable. These include:

  • No plastic bags since 1996
  • Unpackaged section in our community stores allowing to buy without the use of packaging
  • Loose fruit and vegetables
  • All our stores are Zero Edible Food Waste: At the end of every day we donate all our edible food to volunteers who redistribute it to the local community via OLIO, the food sharing platform.

Despite these efforts, single use packaging was still the missing piece. The grocery industry is one of the most visible sources of single-use plastic. Film and flexible packaging used for single use item amount to around 400,000 tonnes of plastic used in the UK per year. However, just 4% is currently recycled.

These materials are extremely difficult to collect and process. Moreover, they often contain food, which makes them impossible to recycle in the plastic waste stream.

The challenge was big. Being certified organic means that we need to obey by strict packaging standards. Home compostable packaging provides a smart solution for this problem. These materials shift away from the inefficient mechanical recycling stream, into a nature-based solution that can be returned safely to the earth. Our packaging free from GMO and made from renewable sources.

Once we had found the perfect solution, it took a few years of researching, testing and redeveloping, to finally introduce a range of organic store cupboard ingredients, in home compostable packaging. These join our Low Sugar Praline Truffles, Keto Bars and more.

The bag we use have been certified by the TUV as OK Home Compostable and even though we hope they don’t end up here, they are certified as marine compostable too. When these bags break down, they will leave no toxic residue, unlike biodegradable or plastic packaging.