A new approach to perimenopause with Wild Nutrition

A new approach to perimenopause with Wild Nutrition

Wild Nutrition, the experts in women’s nutritional health, and Dr Shahzadi Harper, The Perimenopause Doctor, have collaborated to support women through the pivotal life stage of perimenopause. 

“Perimenopause can be an incredibly empowering time when a woman can work with her body holistically. An integrated approach embracing nutrition, supplementation and exercise can be the game-changer for countless women,” says Henrietta Norton, Wild Nutrition founder and formulator.  

“Women need a pause. On the hamster wheel of life in the western world, we need time to pause and reflect,” adds Dr Shahzadi Harper. 

Awareness is key 

Dr Shahzadi Harper writes: “Being the eldest of six sisters, I knew I would be the first to experience these big life changes. The narrative I experienced was fairly negative, mixed with poor understanding, education and awareness. As a consequence, I didn’t feel fully prepared. 

But I felt strongly I wasn’t ready to fade into the background or lose my sparkle so over the last seven years I’ve been focused on helping women get the best care, support and attention they can.

That’s why I wrote the book The Perimenopause Solution and why I’ve partnered with Wild Nutrition to curate a range of beautiful Food-Grown® supplements, helping women through all the twists and turns of their journey.”  

Beyond the ovaries

Perimenopause is so much more than a change to our ovaries; it needs an integrated 360° approach. Sometimes treatment may need medical intervention, sometimes it can be diet, sleep and exercise adjustments. There’s no ‘one size fits all’.  

This is a time to look inwards and take inventory of your life. What are the lifestyle choices you can amend or change? Too tired to exercise? Too much alcohol? Are you having one too many cups of coffee? It’s time to take stock and future-proof your wellbeing. 

“Perimenopause is a great time for a check in. There may be coexisting medical conditions to consider: a thyroid issue, iron deficiency or lack of vitamin D or vitamin B, especially if you’re eating a plant-based diet,” Dr Shahzadi Harper.

How supplements can help 

Over the years, Henrietta and Dr Shahzadi Harper have treated thousands of perimenopausal women in clinics and consultations. “Insomnia, brain fog, anxiety, weight gain and loss of joy are the all too familiar symptoms I see in my clinic,” says Dr Shahzadi Harper, “I’m seeing that psychological symptoms tend to affect women more than the physical, to the point some women think they have ADHD. It’s easier to doubt yourself with psychological symptoms, which can affect relationships and work life.”

It was this deep understanding of women’s needs and concerns that led to the creation of the Perimenopause Support Trio and Menopause Support Trio, both formulated to help women manage the symptoms of these two key life stages. Both Trios contain a blend of herbs and nutrients to support physiological changes, the nervous system and overall wellbeing. 

“At a time when soil deficiency is high and food is being sourced globally, we’re not getting all the nutrients our bodies need. More people are looking for natural supplements to remedy this,” says Henrietta. 

A distinct life stage 

All too often perimenopause is rolled into menopause when in reality they are their own life stages. Perimenopause can last a few months to nearly 10 years whereas menopause is technically one day.

Perimenopause is the stage when the hormones oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone fluctuate sporadically, slowing until the reproductive system stops releasing eggs - menopause being diagnosed a year since your last period. 

“As we move forward in education and understanding, women will know it’s about starting early, not waiting until you’re already there, and understanding the complete journey throughout our hormonal life as women,” Dr Shahzadi Harper. 

The importance of community

Both Henrietta and Dr Shahzadi Harper believe no woman should be alone when it comes to perimenopause. Connecting with other women, sharing stories and experiences can be incredibly powerful. 

A sentiment echoed in Wild Nutrition’s report The Future of Perimenopause, which aims to reframe perimenopause for future generations.

To find out how Wild Nutrition can support you before, during or after menopause, book a free consultation with one of their expert nutritional therapists. Discover the full range of Wild Nutrition supplements here.