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Introducing Fable Food Co

Did you know that you can make a plant-based meat alternative from mushrooms? As seen on Zac Efron's Down to Earth on Netflix, Fable Food Co is changing the way consumers think about plant-based protein, with the secret ingredient of mushrooms.

Exclusively available at Planet Organic in the UK, Fable is made from Shiitake mushrooms whose dense, fleshy fibres and umami flavours are naturally meat-like (believe us when we say, it tastes just like beef). Like Planet Organic, they believe that real food is best, and are strictly free from GMO, preservatives, and artificial ingredients. It's food with nothing to hide, and as real as it should be, even Heston Blumenthal loves it.

How did Fable begin?

Michael Fox, Co-Founder and CEO of Fable Food Co, set out to find the perfect meat alternative. This journey led him to meet fungus experts Jim Fuller and Chris McLoglin. Jim is a fine dining chef, chemical engineer and mycologist (mushroom scientist) and Chris co-founded Australia’s largest organic mushroom farm and was 2018 Australian Organic Farmer of the Year. The trio became united on their ethical stance to end industrial agriculture and set out on their mission to create a meaty food made from mushrooms.

How is it made?

Fable has a detailed process that starts from the very beginning of the mushroom’s life. These mushrooms grow on logs of compressed hardwood sawdust, which are sustainably sourced from timber mills. After six weeks the mushrooms are harvested and the sawdust is returned to farmers to use as compost.

Then Fable’s resident mushroom Scientist Jim Fuller steps in and takes the mushrooms through a unique mix of natural cooking, mincing and shredding steps which amplifies the natural umami and meaty flavours and textures, Before he mixes in a short list of all natural, plant-based ingredients for additional texture and flavour.

According to Fable Food Co, the process is so simple and natural, all the steps can be done in any home kitchen. You can even go on a mushroom foraging tour on the 41-acre Food Fable property, as the team do on Netflix.

Is it good for me?

Yes, this plant-based alternative is seriously good for you. Naturally high in fibre, vitamin D, a source of protein and low in sugar, Fable is proudly made from all natural, minimally processed whole food ingredients. Plus, it's delicious. Check out our exclusive taco recipe here.

From a brisket to pulled mushrooms, discover Fable's full collection of delicious plant-based meat alternatives. Only available at Planet Organic in the UK.


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