Introducing Planet Originals Supplements

Introducing Planet Originals Supplements

You asked, we listened. Finding the right supplement can be a challenge, so we’ve done the hard work for you. Introducing Planet Originals, the vegan supplements you’ve been asking (and looking for).

We set our team a big challenge. To create a supplement range that provides optimal health for people and the planet alike. Step in Planet Originals, an original range of planet-powered supplements, authentic to our values, mission and vision.

Formulated for modern lives, each of our plant-based supplements has been designed by nutritionists to provide you with the vitamins and minerals you need. 100% vegan, with no fillers, artificial colours or preservatives, even the packaging is plastic free. Kind to the planet and filled with the highest-quality ingredients, these supplements have been created with our customer in mind and we’re here to help you find the one.

Vitamin D 4000i

Vitamin D is a hormone-like vitamin which plays a vital part in the absorption of calcium within the body for healthy bones, teeth and muscle function. Created using Vita-algae D ®, a vegan and sustainable form of active Vitamin D3 derived from algae. Take one Vitamin D supplement daily to help with sleep, boost immunity and reduce symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Methyl B12

If you’re eating a vegan diet, the one essential vegan supplement we recommend is Vitamin B-12 to help boost your energy levels. Our natural formula contains Vitamin B-12 and spirulina for added nutritional value and to harness the benefits of the synergistic effect.

Calcium Glycinate

Take care of your bones with our high-quality calcium supplement, containing calcium bisglycinate for optimal absorption. Calcium is needed for the maintenance of normal bones, teeth and healthy muscle function and is especially essential for a dairy-free diet.

Magnesium Glycinate

From healthy bone development to increasing our energy levels, magnesium is essential to our wellbeing and importantly our sleep. For this vegan supplement, we use magnesium glycinate, because of its high absorption rate and the fact that it won't upset your digestion.

Zinc Glycinate

From easing acne to supporting fertility, zinc is your bodies all-round superhero. An essential for male and female hormone balance, our zinc supplements contain contains chelated zinc bisglycinate and brown algae for bioavailability and optimal absorption.

Gentle Iron

Did you know that when you combine iron with Vitamin C, you maximise its absorption? Therefore, we created Gentle Iron supplements to help those struggling with tiredness and fatigue. An essential for healthy pregnancy, this super mineral helps with energy levels, cognitive function and heart health.

Ultra Magnesium Complex

From helping with sleep to boosting your mood, our Ultra Magnesium Complex is designed for maximum results. Containing three types of bioavailable magnesium forms (citrate, malate, bisglycinate) try this vegan supplement to wind down after a long day and soothe tired muscles.

Ultra Vitamin C

Our ultimate Vitamin C supplement. Think of Vitamin C supplements as your morning energy boost. The essential pick me up vitamin, our vegan supplement formula helps you to re-energise. It also helps support your immune system, skin and teeth.

Ultra B Complex

Fun fact, Vitamin B accounts for eight out of the 13 vitamins our bodies need to survive. Spanning from B1 to B12, it is responsible for our wellbeing and good health. B vitamins are the ‘do-ers’ when it comes to micronutrients, so we created the perfect formula to say bye fatigue, hello optimum health. Discover the full Planet Originals range online and in-store and keep your eyes peeled for more.