CBD Lockdown Essentials

CBD Lockdown Essentials

Wunder Workshop Adaptogen CBC - Will keep you balanced

Feel yourself calm and gently uplifted with Wunder Workshop's blend of nature’s most potent ingredients. Contains CBD,Turmeric extract, BioPerine to improve bioavailability, Mucuna and Ashwagandha.

You & Oil CBD 5% emollient cream - Rescue for sensitive skin

Wonderfully soothing emollient cream for stressed and inflamed skin. Combination of lipids and CBD in this cream protects the skin from drying out due to external factors like excessive washing, harsh soap or alcohol sanitiser.

Ideal after a bath or shower and best when massaged into joints or muscles. CBD and magnesium applied on the skin can help to reduce muscle pain, cramps and fatigue.

MINAMI CBD + Omega-3 - Helps with stress and anxiety

A brilliant combo of CBD and Omega 3 fish oil to nourish skin and boost brain function.

Organic ZEN CBD 5% - An easy add on

Creating new wellness rituals as we working from home has never been more important. Use CBD Zen in the morning to supercharge your beverage of choice. CBD will balance the caffeine spike and the feeling of anxiety. Mix few drops of CBD with salad dressing for dinner to help relax and sleep better.