Lockdown Essentials

Explore our lockdown essentials helping to make this strange time a little more okay. From bath oils for your evening wind down to the chocolates bringing us a dose of pure joy, we hope our suggestions enhance your days at home as they have ours.


Dependent on technology more so than ever, taking five minutes to pause, switch off and meditate is a great way to improve focus and concentration. Read Blasta Henriet’s guide on how to get started with their meditation eye pillow here.


One of the things we miss the most from our old routine is the morning oat flat white. Recreate at home without a steaming wand by heating up your m*lk of choice and whisking vigorously until frothy before pouring into coffee.


Finishing work, taking an evening stroll then running a hot bath has become a daily ritual for many of us in the office. Pour in a good glug of REN’s Atlantic Kelp Bath Oil to soothe a tired body and mind, or add a few drops of lavender essential oil to help unwind.

Take 5

Taking breaks from work is important and can help to improve focus and productivity. Step away from your laptop and phone and take five minutes to do nothing. Mix OMGTea’s AAA grade matcha into a paste with a drop of water, then once it’s smooth, top up with not-quite-boiling water.


There’s nothing better than savouring the taste of chocolate melting on your tongue. Try a single origin chocolate that you haven’t tried before, like one of BlanxArt’s organic bars made in Barcelona, and take note of all the flavours and textures that come to you.


Make your bath a little more indulgent with a face mask. This Raw Cacao & Coconut Mask from Evolve smells heavenly and will leave skin feeling smooth and moisturised.


It’s normal for the mind to whirr before we drift off, and even more so at the moment. A few hours before bed, drop CBD oil under the tongue and hold there for at least 30 seconds before swallowing to help start the wind down.