Pukka's 4 favorite sleep solutions to help

Pukka's 4 favorite sleep solutions to help

Feeling stressed and struggling to get a good nights sleep? Try our favourite natural solutions to help you fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up feeling more refreshed.

How well do you sleep? 

Research from the University of Leeds found that around a quarter of British adults are getting as little as five hours’ sleep a night – an amount that not only causes problems with tiredness the next day, but is actually associated with long-term health problems such as heart disease, obesity and diabetes. The study also found that 30 percent of adults were dissatisfied with the amount of sleep they were getting, and 18 percent said that their lack of sleep was affecting how well they functioned during the day.

So it seems that many of us are missing out, whether it’s because we’re not giving enough importance to sleep, ‘burning the candle at both ends’, or struggling with insomnia (either getting to sleep or staying asleep) when we do hit the sheets. And many more people may clock up enough hours but have poor-quality sleep, waking feeling unrefreshed.

Insomnia and sleep deprivation are distressing and debilitating problems to have, and can lead many people to rely on pharmaceutical medication to help tackle the issue. Although these medications can seem helpful at the time, long-term use can be detrimental. As well as causing drowsiness the next day, they are linked with side effects such as hormone imbalances and memory deterioration.

A restorative night's sleep is essential to maintain good health. So for those who struggle, it’s helpful to find a natural solution. Herbal remedies have been used for thousands of years in traditional medicine to support restful sleep.

Here are our 4 favourite sleep solutions to help.  

1. Try a natural herbal solution to help improve your slumber. 

Pukka’s organic Night Time capsules have been formulated by herbalist and Ayurvedic practitioner Sebastian Pole to support better sleep and provide a solution for everyday sleep problems. The formula contains a unique blend of seven organic herbs that each play a specific role in relaxing a restless body and mind, helping us fall to sleep and stay in a good sleep.

Too stressed to sleep? Stress is often at the root of our sleeping problems. When we’re troubled, our sleep is too. The Ayurvedic herb Ashwagandha is a chief stress-busting herb that nourishes and strengthens a weakened and over-anxious nervous system and helps the body respond better to stress, to prevent it disrupting our sleep at night.  

Pukka Herbs recently conducted an online survey with over 300 public volunteers into the efficacy of Ashwagandha; the results were astounding. Emotional health improved by 42% and sleep quality improved by 66%.

Pukka Night Time formulation:

  •                   Ashwagandha is used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine as an ‘adaptogen’ – herb that helps us to cope with the effects of stress. It has natural anti-anxiety activity, and it can help reduce ‘hyperactive’ symptoms and calm the body and mind. Its Latin name – Withania somnifera – reflects its somniferous (sleep inducing) properties.
  •                Gotu kola and Bhringaraj helps to calm an agitated and racing mind and relax the nervous system. One of the traditional uses of gotu kola is to help with ‘restless legs’ syndrome.


  •          Valerian: This soothing herb is thought to have been used for over 2,000 years for its sedative and anxiety-relieving properties. It can be beneficial for anyone experiencing tension or anxiety. Valerian can help us to get to sleep and encourage undisturbed sleep too.
  •                Nutmeg has sedative properties and can help to relax the nervous system. It may specifically help to prevent waking up after falling asleep – great news for those of us who tend to wake up in the night with a restless and racing mind.


  •                   Hawthorn is traditionally used to support and strengthen the heart. It may help with relieving stress-related symptoms that affect the heart, such as palpitations.  
  •                  Fennel is a traditionally used as a digestive tonic, helping to calm an irritated digestive system. Digestive symptoms such as bloating and cramping can be stress-related and can have a big impact on our sleep.

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2. Try a soothing bedtime tea

Pukka’s Night Time tea is a wonderful way to end your busy day and start your relaxing evening routine.  It contains a combination of sleep-inducing herbs, including lavender, chamomile, oatstraw and tulsi – designed to help calm the mind and relieve tension.   

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3. Magesium flakes 

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4. Lavender oil

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