The Ultimate Sleep Routine

The Ultimate Sleep Routine

Leave the Day Behind and Switch Off

During lockdown, we’re extremely reliant on our devices for work, human connection, even working out. Before bed, try and reserve a technology free hour to read, stretch, meditate or take a long bath.

It doesn’t have to be long, even five minutes of meditation will leave you feeling calmer. Blasta Henriet wrote a meditation guide for us to use with their eye pillows - have a read here. A short yoga sequence is a peaceful way to unwind too, we love this seven-minute sequence from Yoga with Adrienne.

To help unwind, try a natural supplement or take CBD oil a few hours before bed. Plants like ashwagandha, L-Theanine, lavender, valerian, chamomile and bacopa monnieri help foster a sense of calm, while cannabidiol may reduce anxiety. Motion Nutrition’s Unplug supplement, Blooming Blends’ Sleep Easy tincture and Better You’s CBD Oral Spray are three of our favourite calming supplements before bed.


Having a bath before bed helps us relax and the drop in body temperature after a hot bath or shower encourages the body to rest. Sip a cup of soothing chamomile tea for added relaxation.

Add a scoop of bath salts to your bath to soothe a tired body, and an essential oil or bath melt to relax the mind. We love Corinne Taylor’s handmade scented bath melts and salts, all handmade in rural East Sussex with carefully chosen organic botanicals.

Follow up with a magnesium-rich body oil or lotion to relieve tired muscles. OSI’s Good Night body lotion delivers a high dose of magnesium through the skin while the shea butter and sweet almond oil leaves skin soft and supple.

Set the Scene

The best environment for sleep is a cool, dark room. Take time to find the right pillows and get comfortable.

Aromatherapy and scent can be an effective way to signal to your brain that it’s time for sleep.

Try applying a lavender oil or Scentered’s Sleep Well Therapy Balm to your pulse points and inhaling. Find Scentered’s guide to using breathing techniques and aromatherapy to aid sleep on our blog here.

Spraying your pillow with a sleep spray like Neom’s is also great for triggering sleep, or spray Blooming Blends’ Sleep Easy mist directly onto your face.

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