Bulletproof Bone Broth

Bulletproof Bone Broth

This recipe is inspired by a classic in the keto diet: the bulletproof coffee. As its bigger brother it is best enjoyed in the morning to kick-start your day. Once you go Bulletproof Bone Broth, you'll never go back – try it!



1 cup of bone broth (250ml)

1 tbsp grass fed butter

1 tbsp MCT oil


Since we are talking about bone broth here, you can be creative with the ingredients. The base is the bone broth, then add a healthy fat of your liking: coconut oil, ghee, beef tallow, etc. And if you want to spice it up and add a little flavour, you can add a second ingredient: i.e. ginger, sun dried tomatoes, etc. The possibilities are endless, chef.

Popular combinations are:

Beef bone broth + coconut oil + ginger

Beef bone broth + grass fed butter + dried shiitake

Chicken bone broth + grass fed butter + sun dried tomatoes

Chicken bone broth + coconut oil + turmeric



Heat up the bone broth and put all the ingredients together in a strong blender. Blend for a few seconds (minimum 5 seconds), serve in a cup and enjoy your yummy and soothing Bulletproof Bone Broth!