Keto Overnight N'Oats

Keto Overnight N'Oats

The Brave Ape Co. shared with us their delicious keto overnight N'oats recipe.

Besides porridge, what else can you make with our keto porridge mix?

Our instant keto porridge mix isn’t just fantastic because it makes a delicious alternative to a comforting porridge breakfast. No, it’s amazing because there’s so much more that can be done with this mix to create different textures for different occasions, moods and palettes. Options for keto breakfasts can already be quite limited but the versatility of our mix makes breakfasts new and exciting each and every day.

So, Here’s some of the incredible ways you can put our keto porridge mix to work to make delicious meals and snacks, that’s not just a porridge for when you fancy something a little different..

Overnight N’oats.

These are delightful in the warmer weather as it’s nice to have a cold breakfast. Be aware though - these are incredibly moreish and should still be carefully measured so that the macros fit within your diet.

The method of course is really simple too. Add a couple of tablespoons of the keto porridge mix to a pot, glass or jar and add the same recommended serving of 100ml of your favourite type of milk - perhaps a nut milk. Make sure to check the sugar and carb content. 

Then give the mix and milk a good stir together and let it rest in the fridge for a couple of hours. The mix will absorb all the mix and become a firmer texture however it will still have that bit of creaminess we’re looking for.

Then it’s just a case of adding your own toppings. We recommend a dollop of full fat Greek yogurt (or vegan alternative) and a few frozen berries - especially in the summer but of course you can add nuts, keto granola and other complimentary toppings.

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