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Dairy Free

Dairy Free - contains no ingredients made from the milk of any animal, whether cow, goat or sheep. We do not consider eggs as dairy products.

Certified Gluten Free

Certified Gluten Free - measured and tested as gluten free, for which the threshold is less than 20ppm (parts per million) gluten.


Organic - certified by one of the internationally recognised organic certifying bodies, such as the Soil Association.


Vegan - contains no ingredients of animal origin, including meat and fish as well as dairy products, eggs and honey.


Vegetarian - contains no meat, fish, poultry, game, shellfish or products of animal slaughter.

Wheat Free

Wheat Free - contains no ingredients made from wheat, spelt or kamut.

No Gluten

No Gluten - made without any gluten containing grains, but not certified gluten free. This applies to foods that are naturally gluten free such as olive oil or almond butter, but which have not been tested.

Ossa's Bone Broth Recipe

Ossa's Bone Broth Recipe

Ossa, who make some of our favourite organic bone broths, share their ramen recipe using chicken bone broth for the ultimate nourishing supper.


Bone Broth Ramen Ingredients:

500ml Ossa Chicken Bone Broth
150g of shiitake mushrooms
100g of wakame seaweed
100g of kimchi
1 tablespoon of Ossa ghee
100g of dried egg noodle
1 organic egg, soft-boiled
Pink Himalayan salt to season

In a saucepan, heat the bone broth and bring to a simmer. Add the noodles and the wakame seaweed once the broth is simmering and cook the noodles to the packet instructions, usually for around 3-6 minutes. Season to taste.

In a frying pan on a medium heat, fry shiitake mushrooms in the ghee until golden brown. Carefully pour the broth and noodles into a bowl, then top with the shiitake mushrooms, a spoonful of kimchi and a soft boiled egg cut in half. Serve and enjoy!