Bread and Wraps

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Mountain Bread Rye Wraps (200g)
Mountain Bread Natural Wraps (200g)
Biona Hemp Seed Rye Bread (500g)
Biona Omega 3 Golden Linseed Rye Bread (500g)
Biona Rye Chia Flax Bread (500g)
Biona Vitality Rye Bread (500g)
Raw Wrap Kale Flavour (100g)
Mountain Bread Spelt Wraps (200g)
Mountain Bread Oat Wraps (200g)
Biona Rice & Sunflower Bread (500g)
Biona Millet Bread (250g)
Mountain Bread Chia Seed Wraps (200g)
GoVegan Wholewheat To Ready Eat Croissants (5x35g)
Biona Rice Bread (500g)
Improv'eat Coconut Wrap Curry (56g)
GoVegan Ready To Eat Croissants with Chocolate (5x45g)
Amisa Seeded Breakfast Rolls (250g (4 rolls))
Amisa Focaccia Rolls (220g (4 rolls))
Biona Pumpernickel Bread (500g)
Profusion Super Oat Bread - Oat, Rye & Chia (500g)
Biona Rye Sunflower Seed Bread (500g)
Newbury Phillips White Pitta (6 Pack)
Amisa Olive Ciabatta (180g)
Profusion Protein Bread - Rye & Flax (250g)
Biona Rye Pumpkin Seed Bread (500g)
Amisa Seeded Baguette (160g)
Amisa Classic Baguette (180g)
Improv'eat Coconut Wrap Original (56g)
Newbury Phillips Wholemeal Mini Pitta (8 Pack)
Florentin Spelt Pita Bread (260g)
Seedful Buckwheat Loaf (275g)
Seedful Super Seed Bread with Chia Seeds (475g)
Seedful Buckwheat Loaf (475g)
Seedful Buckwheat Rolls (320g)
Seedful Super Seed Bread (950g)
Seedful Super Seed Bread with Quinoa (475g)

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