Casa Del Cymru Pasta: Recipe Ideas

Casa Del Cymru Pasta: Recipe Ideas

Wednesday, 6th July 2016

Here is some inspiration on how to use the vegetable pasta from Casa Del Cymru.
Organic gluten free beetroot Tagliatelle is made using a careful balance of rice and maize flours and fresh raw organic beetroots. This gives the pasta not only a deep purple colour but also a distinctive earthy flavour.


Organic gluten free spinach pasta is made to the same recipe but using raw Spinach. This gives a vibrant green colour to the pasta as well as been a great way of getting spinach into kids! The Reginetta shape this pasta is made in looks like octopus tentacles which is not only great for holding sauces but is fun for the family. Add all the vegetables you want and drizzle some tahini dressing (combine half a lemon with olive oil, tahini, salt and pepper)

The Organic carrot gluten free Reginetta is a much sweeter affair and is high in dietry vegetable fibre which aids the digestion. You can serve them with a vegan basil pesto. 

Organic Wholemeal egg pasta is a sports-mans pasta. Being a natural source of protein (from the wholemeal flour and egg) and releasing its energy slowly over a long period of time it is ideally suited to long distance athletes.
Gluten free egg tagliatelle has a silky smooth quality rarely found in gluten free pasta. Due to its being bronze die extruded (as are all our pastas) it has a rougher finish meaning it will grip a sauce.


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