Clearspring Organic Kukicha Tea (20 bags)
Dairy Free
Wheat Free
No Gluten

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Made from the select twigs and stems of carefully nurtured tea bushes that have matured at least 3 years before cutting. Mild and soothing with an earthy taste. Roasted twigs with a small proportion of roasted leaves. An ideal drink for children and adult Clearspring Organic Kukicha is a roasted twig tea with a rich, toasty taste and a mild, soothing effect. Clearspring Organic Kukicha is prepared at Nagata Chaen, Kyoto, from select twigs and stems of the tea bushes harvested late in the season when the plant's caffeine levels are at their lowest. The twigs are steamed, dried, aged to develop their flavour, then roasted and mixed with a small portion of roasted tea leaves immediately prior to packing. Kukicha blends well with apple juice or cereal malt sweeteners.
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24 July 2016
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Relaxing, woody-tasting drink.