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If you are on a keto diet, you will find everything you need to create nourishing and tasty keto recipes in Planet Organic’s online store.  Whether you are planning keto chicken recipes for hearty lunches, keto recipes for breakfast or vegetarian keto dinner recipes, we have all the basics covered.  You can count on us to help with all-natural keto recipes free from additives and preservatives too. The Planet Organic online store is the best place to stock up for keto dessert recipes, keto recipes for kids and keto recipes for side dishes and snacks too.



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Two Weeks of Keto Meal Ideas and Snacks with Shopping List

Two Weeks of Keto Meal Ideas and Snacks with Shopping List

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The Ketogenic Diet: Explained

The Ketogenic Diet: Explained

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How to Make Intermittent Fasting & Keto Diets a Winning Success

How to combine the Keto diet and intermittent fasting.
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Whether you are new to keto recipes or a dab hand at keto cooking, we have written this keto guide to share useful information. If you are using keto recipes to control your weight or just improve your well-being, we can help you with meal preparation and planning.

Keto recipes for beginners

Keto chicken recipes like bakes with high cheese and cream content are suitable for beginners. Adding bacon makes them even tastier. Egg-based choices such as omelettes and frittatas are also quick and easy keto recipes suitable for beginners. Plant-based keto-friendly alternatives to pasta and rice mean you can adapt favourites too. There’s no need to miss out.

Keto recipes for one

Non-starchy vegetable bowls, salads and soups are ideal for quick meals for one at home or on the go. Adding fish, such as salmon or tuna, is always an option too. Replacing your favourite noodles with mushroom or courgette alternatives and using riced cauliflower can make any dishes keto-friendly. If you have one, keto recipes for slow cookers can be a valuable addition too.

Keto recipes for vegetarians and vegans

Thanks to nuts and fermented foods there are plenty of keto-friendly plant-based alternatives to meat and dairy available to help with vegetarian and vegan recipes. Ingredients including tempeh, tofu, nut butter, seed oils and almond and coconut milk sit alongside green vegetables and mushrooms to ensure vegetarians and vegans don’t miss out. They mean recipes from keto bread and keto cheesecake to keto lasagnas and even keto sushi are at your fingertips.

Keto recipe books

There are countless keto recipe books, keto blogs and other keto resources available online. The keto community continues to grow, evolve and innovate meaning you’ll never be stuck for ideas. By throwing yourself into the huge amounts of information out there, you can be sure to eat well and enjoy all-natural, tasty and nourishing keto meals whatever your choices.

Other keto recipe ideas

If you are feeling inspired, it’s worth checking out more ambitious keto recipe ideas such as sugar-free ice creams, barbecue chicken and fish, seafood chowders and soups, cauliflower-crust pizza, sunflower seed cookies and kelp and kale wraps. Keto recipes are only limited by your imagination.

Where do I buy ingredients for keto recipes?

Planet Organic’s keto range is packed full of keto ingredients. There are prepared meals too for when you don’t want to cook. Our range of keto supplements and additional protein mean, however you enjoy your keto lifestyle, there’s no reason to miss out on important nutrients. We have everything you need right here.