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Discover the Planet Organic range of vegetarian food, ingredients, snacks and treats. We have a unique and broad range of natural and organic vegetarian options to choose from. Try the best vegetarian food for you including vegetarian meat alternatives, cheese alternatives and hundreds of other plant-based products. The Planet Organic vegetarian shop is the place to order vegetarian food delivery directly to your kitchen.




Ultimate Winter Bliss Bowl from RAW Vibrant Living

Ultimate Winter Bliss Bowl from RAW Vibrant Living

Try RAW Health's ultimate winter bliss bowl for the perfect mid-week dinner.
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Carlin Pea & Carrot Falafels by Hodmedod's

Carlin Pea & Carrot Falafels by Hodmedod's

Have you heard of the carlin pea? We certainly hadn't, until the pulse-experts at Hodmedod's put them on our radar.
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Sourdough School Tin Loaf Recipe

Sourdough School Tin Loaf Recipe

Our friends at The Sourdough School are sharing their most basic sourdough tin loaf recipe. Aside from proving and resting times, this lo...
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New to vegetarianism and vegetarian food online shopping? We have written a quick guide for you.

What is vegetarian food and groceries?

Vegetarianism is a diet that doesn’t include meat or fish products, but unlike veganism, does include other animal products such as dairy, eggs and honey. Our range isn’t just for vegetarians, though. Lots of us are actively trying to reduce meat consumption so find vegetarian alternatives and everything you need here.

Where to buy vegetarian products?

Meat-free products are increasing in popularity and readily available but often meat and fish substitutes are made with additives, preservatives and artificial flavourings. Shop our wide range of vegetarian products made with only natural ingredients. Planet Organic has almost 5,000 products to choose from in its online vegetarian supermarket, making this a great place to start to order meat-free food online.

Which vegetarian food suppliers to choose?

It’s important to buy from brands you trust to ensure what you’re eating is suitable for vegetarians and 100% meat-free. The good news is that Planet Organic scrupulously checks the ingredients and provenance so that you don’t have to. You can buy all the products in our vegetarian range with confidence.

Can my children be vegetarian?

We recommend that you seek advice before choosing to feed your children a vegetarian diet. If you choose to feed your children a plant-based diet, we have a range of vegetarian vitamins and minerals to supplement their diet, from B12 to calcium, just like adults living a vegetarian lifestyle should consider supplementing too.

What are the best vegetarian protein sources?

Meat and fish are traditionally recognised as great sources of protein, but there are countless equally good vegetarian plant-based alternatives. Planet Organic provides protein-rich meat-free alternatives to eggs, cheese, yoghurt and milk as well as beans, nuts, tofu, quinoa, tempeh and soy milk to name a few. Planet Organic also stocks snacks and supplements formulated to help vegetarians get the protein they need.

What can I use instead of meat?

Some do, but if you are a vegetarian that misses meat, the good news is Planet Organic stock a range of vegetarian meat substitutes. It includes bacon, ausages, turkey, burgers and even Chorizo alternatives so there is no reason to miss out.

What about vegetarian treats?

There is no need to miss out on the fun. Buying vegetarian food online doesn’t mean going without treats. You can buy vegetarian wine, vegetarian chocolate, the odd sneaky sweet and quick snack direct from Planet Oganic’s range. Whether it is cookies and crackers or liquorice and marshmallows, we can keep your kitchen well stocked with tastiness.