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Dairy Free Chocolate

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Planet Organic Peanut Butter Cup (25g) Sale
£1.69 £1.99
Planet Organic Hazelnut Butter Cup (25g) Sale
£1.69 £1.99
Ombar 100% Raw Chocolate (35g) Sale
Planet Organic Almond Butter Cup (25g) Sale
£1.69 £1.99
Ombar Probiotic Coconut Raw Chocolate (35g) Sale
Chewsy Gum Spearmint (15g)
Ombar Coconut and Vanilla Centre (35g) Sale
Ombar Organic Mandarin Chocolate (35g) Sale
Ombar 90% Raw Cacao (35g) Sale
Benjamissimo No Added Sugar Praliné Chocolate BarENJAMISSIMO No added sugar (Praliné) (70g)
Chewsy Gum Peppermint (15g)
Ombar Cocomylk (35g) Sale
Ombar Strawberry Probiotic Chocolate (35g) Sale
The Raw Chocolate Company Vanoffe (44g)
Ombar Organic Dark 72% Probiotic Chocolate (35g) Sale
Ombar Organic Acai Blueberry Raw Chocolate (35g) Sale
Rhythm 108 Deelicious Swiss Chocolate Bar - Sweet 'N' Salty Almond (33g) Sale
Ombar Raspberry and Coconut Centre (35g) Sale
Pana Chocolate Hazelnut (45g)
Pana Raw Chocolate Mint (45g)
Vego whole hazelnut chocolate bar (150g)
Rhythm 108 Deelicious Swiss Chocolate Bar - Hazelnut Praline (33g) Sale
Planet Organic Salted Almond Biolive Choc Crunch (40g) Sale
Pana Raw Chocolate Sour Cherry Vanilla (45g)
Ombar Pistachio Centre (70g)
Chewsy Gum Lemon (15g)
Loving Earth Nutty Mr Maple Chocolate Bar (45g)
Pana Chocolate Strawberry and Pistachio (45g)
Ombar Coconut & Vanilla Centre (70g)
Rhythm 108 Deelicious Swiss Chocolate Bar - Super Coconut (33g) Sale
Planet Organic Goji Pumpkin Seed Biolive Choc Crunch (40g) Sale
Landgarten Cherries in Dark Chocolate (50g)
The Raw Chocolate Company Salted Vanofee Cashews Raw Choc Snack (40g)
Benjamissimo No Added Sugar Dark 80% Chocolate Bar (70g)
Pana Raw Chocolate Cinnamon (45g)
Ombar Raspberry & Coconut Centre (70g)
Pico Organic Almond M*lk Chocolate (80g)
Pico Organic Salted Caramel Chocolate (80g)
Wunder Workshop Chocolate Bliss Bar - Turmeric x CBD (40g)
Booja Booja Almond Salted Caramel Chocolate Truffles (104g)
The Raw Chocolate Company Chocolate Mulberries (28g)
Ombar Organic Green Tea & Lemon Chocolate (38g) Sale
Ombar Goji Berry Raw Chocolate (35g) Sale
Landgarten Organic Dark Belgium Chocolate Pumpkin Seeds (55g)
Pico Organic Sea Salt Chocolate (80g)
Pico Organic Mint Crisp Chocolate (80g)
Adam's Cold Pressed Chocolate - Mint Pouch (70g)
Vego White Almond Bliss Bio/FT (50g)
Seed & Bean Organic Coconut & Raspberry Chocolate (85g) Sale
Vego Mini Hazelnut Chocoalte Bar (65g)
JOM Organic Sour Blueberry (70g)
Almighty Peanut Butter Chocolate (30g)
Biona Organic Rainbow Lollies (6)
Nucao - Coconut Cinnamon (40g)
Lovechock Chocolate with Cacao Nibs (40g)
Conscious Chocolate Orange (60g)
Pico Organic Hazelnut M*lk Chocolate (80g)
Pico Organic Super Dark Chocolate (80g)
Pico Organic Coconut M*lk Chocolate (80g)
Biona Organic Chocolate Covered Brazil Nuts (80g)
Love Cocoa Sea Salt Chocolate Bar (80g)
Love Cocoa G&T Chocolate Bar (80g)
Booja Espresso Chocolate Truffles (69g) London Fresh
Blanxart 91% Congo Dark Chocolate (100g)
Blanxart 85% Nicaragua Dark Chocolate (125g)
blanxart organic chocolate 100% peru (100g)
Blanxart 72% Dominica Dark Chocolate with Almonds (150g)
Booja Booja The Four Corners Collection: Around Midnight Espresso Chocolate Truffles (104g)
Wunder Workshop Chocolate Bliss Bar - Golden Turmeric (40g)
Booja Booja The Four Corners Collection; Hazelnut Chocolate Truffles (104g)
Panda Raspberry bar (32g)
Sunita Halva with Coconut (75g)

Dairy Free
Dairy Free
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Certified Gluten Free
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No Gluten
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