Don’t be afraid of the dark….
Don’t be afraid of the dark….

Don’t be afraid of the dark….

Tuesday, 2nd January 2018

This January try our new charcoal drinks.
In all our drinks we’ve used a pharmaceutical grade, activated charcoal that is made from sustainable coconuts. Charcoal has been found to absorb toxins within the body and so is commonly used as a detox aid. For the same reasons it is also frequently used as a digestive aid to relive gas and bloating.

Charcoal Latte: a creamy, delicious way to get some charcoal into your diet. We’ve combined charcoal with coconut mylk and coconut nectar for a sweet and satisfying black latte.

Charcoal Coffee: we know many of you want to try our super food lattes but when it comes to ordering, the pull of a caffeine fix is just to great! Our charcoal coffee is for you, combining espresso with charcoal, coconut mylk and coconut nectar. You can have it all.

Charcoal Refresher: charcoal isn’t just for hot drinks. We’ve created this super refreshing juice for your charcoal fix as well. Combining cucumber, lemon, manuka honey and charcoal, it is light and hydrating, just don’t be put off by the colour! Ask us if you want a vegan version.

Charcoal Shot: a dose of charcoal in an instant. Our shot is the quickest way to get a charcoal hit. We’ve combined charcoal, lemon, ginger & manuka honey so it will give your immunity a boost as well as the benefits of the charcoal. Ask us if you want a vegan version.  

Be careful and speak to your doctor about taking charcoal at the same time as prescription drugs as the charcoal can interfere with these. 

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