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Eat Well, Live Better For Less

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Planet Organic Chickpeas (500g) PlasticFree
Rude Health Almond Drink (1L)
Planet Organic Sunflower Seeds (500g) PlasticFree
Oatly Oat Drink (1L)
Planet Organic Mixed Nuts (250g) PlasticFree
Planet Organic Pecan Halves (125g) PlasticFree
Plenish 6% Almond Milk (1L)
Biona Tomato Ketchup Squeezy (560g)
Planet Organic Porridge Oats (500g) PlasticFree
Planet Organic Almonds Flaked (125g) PlasticFree
Profusion Himalaya Rose Pink Salt Fine (500g)
Planet Organic Short Grain Brown Rice (1kg) PlasticFree
Planet Organic Almonds Whole (125g) PlasticFree
Yeo Valley Butter Salted (250g) London Fresh
Planet Organic Dates (250g) PlasticFree
Planet Organic Figs Lerida (250g) PlasticFree
Fish4Ever Sardines In Organic Olive Oil & Lemon (120g)
Ecover Multi Surface Spray Cleaner (500ml)
Planet Organic Dark Green Speckled Lentils (500g) PlasticFree
Yeo Valley Organic Butter No Salt (250g) London Fresh
Planet Organic Raisins (250g) PlasticFree
Planet Organic Unroasted Buckwheat (500g) PlasticFree
Bergerie Goat's Milk Fresh Cheese (100g) London Fresh
Rude Health The Ultimate Granola (500g)
Profusion Himalayan Rose Pink Salt Coarse (500g)
Cosi Bio Salame Milano (80g) London Fresh
Planet Organic Cashews Whole (125g) PlasticFree
Profusion Himalayan Pink Fine Salt Shaker (140g)
Kallo Milk Chocolate Rice Cakes (90g)
Planet Organic Banana Chips (125g) PlasticFree
Clipper Decaffeinated Instant Coffee (100g)
Lucy Bee Organic Fair Trade Coconut Oil (300ml)
Cosi Bio Prosc Cotto Sliced (80g) London Fresh
The Coconut Collaborative Natural Coconut Yoghurt (350g) London Fresh
Lye Cross Farm Mild Cheddar (245g) London Fresh
Fish4Ever Skipjack Tuna (160g)
Planet Organic Oat Bran (500g) PlasticFree
Amy's Kitchen Lentil Soup (400g)
Clipper Nettle Tea (20 Bags)
Booja Booja Espresso Chocolate Truffles (104g)
Organix 12+ Months Goodies Organic Raspberry and Apple Bars (6x30g)
Planet Organic Golden Linseed (500g) PlasticFree
Amy's Kitchen Hearty Rustic Italian Vegetable Soup (397g)
Dr Karg Seeded Spelt Crispbread (200g)
Amy's Kitchen Split Pea Soup (400g)
Amy's Kitchen Chunky Tomato Soup (400g)
The Coconut Collaborative Natural Coconut Yoghurt (120g) Sale London Fresh
Organix Organic 7+ Months Finger Foods Carrot Sticks (20g)
Teapigs Matcha Green Tea (30g)
Biona Smooth Almond Butter (170g)
Organix Ban/Peach/App Muesli (200g)
Planet Organic Popping Corn (500g) PlasticFree
Clipper Everyday Tea (80 Bags)
Dr Karg 3 Grains & 3 Seeds Crispbread (200g)
Planet Organic Almonds Blanched (125g) PlasticFree
Kallo TThick Slice Sesame Rice Cakes (130g)
Planet Organic Chia Seeds (500g) PlasticFree
Clipper Fair Trade Earl Grey (40 bags)
Clearspring Shoyu (150ml)
Amy's Kitchen Lentil Vegetable Soup (400g)
Dr Karg Classic 3 Seed Crispbread (200g)
Planet Organic Coconut Chips Raw (250g) PlasticFree
Planet Organic Almonds Whole (250g) PlasticFree
Planet Organic Bulgar Wheat Medium (500g) PlasticFree
Clipper Infusion Raspberry Leaf Tea (20 Bags)
Organix 12+ Months Goodies Organic Carrot Cake Bars (6x30g)
Planet Organic Cashews Pieces (250g) PlasticFree
Planet Organic Brazils Whole (500g) PlasticFree
Planet Organic Cashews Whole (250g) PlasticFree
Clearspring Tamari (150ml)
Rude Health The Ultimate Muesli (500g)
Meridian Almond Butter (170g)

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