Feminine Care

Feminine hygiene products are essentials in life. Stay protected, comfortable and confident with our range of feminine hygiene and care products online at Planet Organic. From essentials such as sanitary pads, tampons and period pants, to environmentally-friendly products, including reusable sanitary pads from Bloom & Nora, to mooncups and more - shop our full Feminine Care range online at Planet Organic.
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Glo Bamboo Pads for Sensitive Bladder, Normal w/ Wings (12 pads)
Glo Bamboo Mini-Pads for Sensitive Bladder, Mini w/ Wings (16 pads)
Organyc Wet Wipes (20pc)
Glo Bamboo Liners for Sensitive Bladder, Wrapped (16 pantyliners)
Bloom & Nora Reusable Sanitary Pads (Bloom Midi 3 pack) (each)
FAIR SQUARED Original Condoms (10pc)
Womanology Intimate Cleansing Oil No. 01 (50 ml)
Ben & Anna Toothpaste - Black (with activated charcoal) (100ml)
&Sisters Cotton Pads with Wings - Day & Night (12 pieces)
FLUX Undies Period-Proof Underwear Boyshort M (UK 12) (each)
FLUX Undies Period-Proof Underwear Bikini L (UK 14) (each)
FLUX Undies Period-Proof Underwear Hi-Waist M (UK 12) (each)
FLUX Undies Period-Proof Underwear Boyshort L (UK 14) (each)
&Sisters Nudie Period Cup - 18-30 yrs old (Medium)
OrganiCup Wash (99 g)
FLO Bamboo Pads w/ Wings, Combo Pack (10 Day + 5 Night) (15 pcs)
FLUX Undies Period-Proof Underwear Bikini S (UK 10) (each)
Bloom & Nora Reusable Sanitary Pads (Bloom Mini 3 pack) (each)
FAIR SQUARED Intimate Wash (Apricot) (100ml)
Ben & Anna Toothpaste - White (100ml)
&Sisters Cotton Eco-Applicator Tampons - Medium (14 pieces)
DAME Cotton Tampons Super (each)
Yoni Organic Cotton Tampons Light (16 pieces) Sale
£1.55 £3.09
Intimina KegelSmartT (each)
&Sisters nudie Period Cup - Under 18's (Small)
FAIR SQUARED Ultra Thin Condoms (10pc)
Salcura Topida Intimate Hygiene Spray (50ml)
Ben & Anna Toothpaste - Sensitive (100ml)
Yoni Tampons Mega Stash Heavy (36 pieces) Sale
£4.50 £8.99
Yoni Organic Applicator Tampons Regular (16 pieces) (16) Sale
Intimina Lily Cup Compact Size A (each)
Yoni Organic Applicator Tampons Super (14 pieces) (14) Sale
Intimina Ziggy Cup (each)
Yoni Organic Cotton Tampons Medium (16 pieces) Sale
Yoni Organic Cotton Pads Heavy + Wings (10 pieces)
Yoni Organic Cotton Tampons Heavy (16 pieces) Sale
Organyc Sanitary Pads; Moderate Flow (10)
Organyc Sanitary Pads; Night; Heavy Flow (10)
Organyc Panty Liners Folded; Light Flow (24)
Organyc Tampons Applicator Super (14pc)
Organyc Pantyliners flat (24pc)
Organyc Tampons Regular (16pc)
Organyc Maternity Pads (12pc)
Organyc Tampons Applicator Regular (16pc)
Organyc Tampons Super (16pc)
Organyc Intimate Wash with Chamomile (250ml)
Biocare Intrafresh (6)
Mooncup B
Mooncup A
YES VM natural vaginal moisturising gel (100ml)
YES CLEANSE Intimate Wash Rose (150ml)
YES CLEANSE Intimate Wash Unfragranced (150ml)
Daye CBD Relief Balm (each)
Ben & Anna Mouthwash - Sensitive (500ml)
Nora Reusable Sanitary Pad Midi (each)
DAME Cotton Tampons Regular (each)

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