Fermentation Kits by Mortier Pilon
Fermentation Kits by Mortier Pilon

Fermentation Kits by Mortier Pilon

Friday, 11th November 2016

Fermentation has been taking over the foodie world these past few months! From kimchi to kraut and from pickles to kombucha, bloggers, chef and health writers are getting excited about fermenting all sorts of foods.
At Mortier Pilon, we think everyone should be able to enjoy the countless health benefits of fermenting produce at home; that’s why we set out to create a range of fermentation glassware that would be at once beautifully designed and highly practical.
So what is fermentation, anyway?
Fermentation occurs when food is placed in an anaerobic (without air) environment, which allows bacteria to grow and prosper, thus transforming fresh produce into something else entirely. While the word “bacteria” may have some unpleasant connotations, when done right—and with adequate equipment—, fermentation is not only completely safe, but also tremendously healthy!

Fermentation—Why it’s good for you
Fermentation is an ancestral craft deeply embedded in many cultures across the world. It comes as no surprise, then, that elders and healers have long been passing on the knowledge of its countless health benefits. Now, mainstream medicine is catching on, with nutritionists and dieticians recommending fermented foods to patients both healthy and ill.
Fermented foods have been known to help balance out gut bacteria and promote bowel health and better digestion, all of which are huge pluses for those of us with stomach issues. Fermentation also helps boost and strengthen the immune system, which we all need as the colder months approach!
Health benefits aside, fermented foods offer an exciting range of unique tastes and textures. They’re also a very budget-friendly way to preserve food and don’t require expensive or hard-to-come-by ingredients. Last but not least, they’re an easy, hands-on way to connect with deeply-rooted culinary traditions from all around the world, from Korean kimchi to Bavarian sauerkraut.

Mortier Pilon is bringing the fun back to fermentation
When the team at Mortier Pilon started getting into fermentation, we quickly realized that there was a lack of stylish, ergonomic, affordable fermenting equipment on the market: the crocks were all heavy, bulky and prohibitively expensive.

The Mortier Pilon range of Do-it-Yourself fermentation kits is our solution: a collection of beautiful, all-inclusive products that bring the fun back to making kombucha, kimchi, sauerkraut and more right at home, with easy-to-follow recipes and step-by-step instructions included.
The Mortier Pilon products feature a range of traditional fermentation recipes (some of which can be found on our YouTube channel), but with the winter upon us, we thought it appropriate to share this recipe for Homemade Ginger Bug Soda. This fizzy homebrewed drink is packed with good bacteria sure to heal your stomach and boost your immune system!

Look at the kits at the kits here 
Find a lot of recipe inspiration on Mortier Pilon's youtube channel.
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Sophie @ Mortier Pilon
About Mortier Pilon
Mortier Pilon strives to create accessible home fermentation products aimed at the health conscious consumer. The name, which literally means mortar and pestle in French, was inspired by the spirit of tradition and focus on DIY that define the brand. Mortier Pilon was launched in the summer 2015 by Montreal-based, innovation-driven company MMTUM, which specializes in designing and distributing niche products with momentum.

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