​Finding Your Joie de Vivre
​Finding Your Joie de Vivre

​Finding Your Joie de Vivre

Wednesday, 1st June 2016

Do you wonder how some people just ooze a fabulous healthy glow, an essence you can’t put your finger on. They are confident, calm, charismatic and live life with ease. Eminent Naturopath Rumana Zahn ND looks at how we can achieve that in our own lives in part five of her six zone Wellbeing Programme | Part 5 of 6
Just for the next moment imagine being your best self, happy, confident, secure, relaxed with no conflicting beliefs, no doubts and no feelings of insecurity, totally free from any resistance with yourself. What a relief that would be! I tried this for an hour then a day and then I noticed something strange started to happen.
Our thoughts have a profound effect on us. Each thought we perceive can feel real in our very being. And if we regularly habituate a thought it sooner or later becomes a belief.  We live our lives according to beliefs we have either taken on board, been taught or have come to perceive as true. If a belief is something we hold true, it manifests in our lives and becomes our truth, our reality.
We all carry our own set of beliefs and some of them will enhance our life others will restrict us or even cause us to become ill. So if you think you’re not good enough or feel bad most of the time about your life it’s likely that that’s what you may be experiencing in your life. Call it what you like – what you reap you shall sow, karma, law of attraction one thing is certain, we are bombarded by constant thoughts and not all of these make us feel good and it’s no mean feat controlling them.
Take for example one of the most common beliefs I try to get people to recognise as false - as you get older you get sicker. I am surprised why so many people hold this to be true, it’s a myth! I’ve seen many, many people improve their health in their later years and even reverse conditions, from irritable bowel symptoms to heart disease, joint aches to mental health illnesses. Sure over time if we keep doing the things that keep us unwell then our symptoms can get worse. This is why it is so important to re-evaluate what we believe and let it go. What no longer serves us is not worth holding onto.
“I feel worthless and not good enough”
Sally, a patient of mine, came for help with an eating disorder she had for many years, she also suffered depression, joint pains as well as severe digestive disorders. She lacked any self-esteem and felt worthless believing she wasn’t good enough in anything she did and constantly tired from her perpetual drive of wanting to be everything for others except herself. When I saw her she was not only malnourished but also had lost her joy for life, her joie de vivre.
An eating disorder can stem from deep rooted emotional-mental troubles. Sally realised her relationship with her mother was a big trigger for her chaotic eating patterns and when her needs were not met she ate compulsively. She uncovered various beliefs about herself and realised she needed to change.
Some Types of Beliefs
Beliefs can be routes to expressions of different types of behaviours, here are three examples of types of beliefs that lead to certain behaviours:
  • I must try harder / I am not good enough
This type of belief may create a person to crave praise, one who is never satisfied or is trying so hard they get burn out. Yet on the plus side they may be persistent, give their all and make significant efforts in a difficult situation.
  • Be Perfect
This type of belief may cause a person to take failure badly, they don’t take criticism so well and are never satisfied. They may also expect perfection from others. On the plus side they are hard working and may achieve great things.
  • Be strong
This belief may lead to someone bottling up emotions, as they see emotional expression as a sign of weakness, they can be withdrawn under stress or may expect others to be strong. On the plus side they are good for getting things done and do not get emotional under crisis.
We may display different types of characteristics and may lean towards a particular belief that we carry that we don’t realise. It’s when a belief causes a behavioural or health problem that it becomes a concern.
Once we start becoming mindful about our thoughts our behaviour starts to change. And this is what I saw when I practiced noticing my thoughts and focusing on positive aspects of life with gratitude. I began to feel uplifted, energised and not troubled so much by everyday little irritations. I found I was able to dissipate stress quickly and a renewed joie de vivre - joy for living - returned.
Belief Busting Exercise
Go through some of your own beliefs and see which ones don’t serve you anymore. There are many for all parts of our life. See if you can change the belief and language into something more positive/constructive. It takes regular practice changing a belief so take one at a time!
Here are some examples
Personal - I am not good enough to I am learning and am getting better at …
Work - I have to work harder to be seen a good worker to I enjoy what I do and feel good about my work
Home - I must have everything in precise order to be happy at home to I like to be organised and enjoy tidiness
Relationships - everyone should understand the way I am to I accept the way I am and am open to new possibilities
Children - children must be seen and not heard to children require love and support as well as good guidance
Leisure - I don’t have time for leisure to I am able to make time to enjoy myself
Health - I get weaker as I get older to I get healthier as I get older
MoneyI will only be happy once I have $xxx amount to I am happy with what I have and am working towards more possibilities
Others…can you think of any others?
Next month Rumana will take us through the final Part 6, where she will focus on how the space you create around you has a huge effect on your health. You can find out more about Rumana’s Online Coaching Programme here http://www.planetorganic.com/rumana-healthbrnaturopathic-consultation/
About Rumana Zahn

Rumana has teamed up with Planet Organic to help share her findings on how to achieve the best possible health you can. With over 25 years of experience Rumana is an expert in the field of natural medicine, runs clinics in the UK and speaks worldwide.
Rumana enjoys living a healthy vibrant life, practices yoga and meditation and loves argentine tango and singing.

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