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Four Steps to the Raw Food Diet By Tanya Maher

Four Steps to the Raw Food Diet By Tanya Maher

Tuesday, 8th July 2014

Tanya Maher is a wellness coach, chef, author, Reiki do Satori master healer, and a renowned raw food and detox expert.

Born in Russia, raised in New Zealand and now living in London, she focuses her coaching to ensure busy individuals achieve their most desired wellbeing and ultimate health objectives. She is the founder of Better Raw, co-founder of Lush Escapes, creator of the Amazon No1 Bestselling DVD ‘Raw Food 101′ (available in all stores) and author of numerous eBooks, as well as a FREE report ’15 World’s Healthiest Foods’ available on her website

Raw Food is not just for Hollywood celebrities trying to preserve their superstar looks, slim down fast and have loads of energy, clarity and patience on a movie set. Raw Food is not a diet. Raw Food is not a phase.

It is a way of living and it’s taking the UK by storm (or a heat wave, which we are all pretending not to love right now)!

The English are a careful bunch when it comes to making any changes to their diet and like to take on any new info -especially as radical sounding as ‘raw foods’- with a grain of salt. And rightfully so…

It would’ve taken me forever and a half to come around to the idea of eating this way if it wasn’t what healed my bruised and damaged organs in a near fatal car accident many years ago.

For now, no doubt you’ve heard enough buzz to want hot tips on getting started right away. Here are my top strategies on going raw in four easy steps:


Let’s face it- we don’t accomplish a thing without a reason. Even when we do a good deed ‘for no reason’, it is either to make ourselves feel good, to pay off some spiritual debts or maybe to clear your conscience. It may not be obvious right now, but you are reading this for a reason. So figure out why you want to go raw (or high raw) before you even attempt it, because this will be your drive. If you are suffering from an illness, your WHY may seem like a no-brainer, but ask yourself not how you can heal, but why you’d want to. Is it to live pain-free and have the energy to play with your children? Is it to be there for your grandchild’s wedding? Is it to be a good example to those you love? Your real reasons, those that will keep you motivated to stay on track, come from far deeper within.


It’s easy to add raw foods to your meals and you probably already have salad with your potatoes, fresh fruit with your yoghurt or raw snack bars with your coffee. But what about having a full meal per day, which is 100% raw? Food combining can be tricky for the body, as different nutrients require different parts of your digestive tract to be properly broken down. That’s why even when you add raw foods to your meals, they don’t necessary go well together and some people experience indigestion or bloating. When you have a meal that is totally raw, the benefits are pretty impressive and in most cases immediate. I suggest mastering your breakfast. It’s usually super easy and there are so many options of what you can make, like green smoothies, veggie juices, living chia seed porridge, nut milk and granola, coconut yoghurt with blueberries, dehydrated energy/muesli bars, superfood shakes, fruit salads and more. If you are struggling to come up with recipes, there hundreds on www.betterraw.com , just enter a key word you are after in the search box on the right. When you master your breakfast, it will set the tone for the rest of the day.


When your environment is supportive of your aspired eating habits, it becomes super easy to make healthy choices and stay on track. So clear out your cupboards, get rid of anything in your kitchen that is processed or contains fake ingredients (rule of thumb: if you can’t pronounce it, you shouldn’t be consuming it), keep your blender or juicer where you can easily reach it, so it never feels like an effort, tidy up your spice rack, clean out the fridge and de-clutter your work station. You will notice how all the energy within your home transforms to a place of where wellness belongs.


When you master the daily meal and start to enjoy your morning green juices regularly, your taste buds will begin to change, your cells will start to rejuvenate, your energy will shift and your body will get begging for more. It is now ready for a proper cleanse. My bestselling eBook ‘Purified- Your 7 Day Detox Program’ is so popular not only because every raw food breakfast, lunch and dinner recipe is clearly outlined for your successful cleanse, but I also explain why the ingredients of each meal are there on that particular day and in that combination and give you an option of two menu plans- one for a budget detoxer and one for a luxury detoxer. When you complete a week, you are going to be feeling so transformed from inside out, that you’ll likely not want to stop there, so most people carry on and complete both weeks.  But aside from all the health benefits and the momentum you’ll gain, the best thing about doing this for seven days in a row is that you will come out having learned 21 brand new recipes in just a single week. What a pro you’ll become!

We are excited to announce that we now stock Tanya’s #1 Amazon Bestselling DVD ‘Raw Food 101′. Get your copy from Planet Organic today.

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