Four steps to the Raw Food Diet

Four steps to the Raw Food Diet

Friday, 23rd January 2015

Want to try raw but not sure how? Just follow these simple steps...

Tanya Maher is a certified health coach, chef, author, Reiki do Satori master healer, and a renowned raw food and detox expert. Born in Russia, raised in New Zealand and now living in London, you will often find her at myhotel Chelsea’s brand new raw food cafe and superfood cocktail bar, Tanya’s. She is the founder of Better Raw, co-founder of Tanya’s Cafe, creator of the Amazon No1 Bestselling DVD ‘Raw Food 101′, and author of numerous eBooks, as well as a FREE  beginner’s guide to living foods, One Day Raw, available on

Start the 5 Day raw challenge here. Don't forget to send us pictures of your creation on instagram using #5daysraw @planetorganic for a chance to win a copy of the Raw Magic book. 

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