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Fresh meals

Our chilled foods are available for delivery within London postcodes. With our new London Express delivery service, next day, flexible delivery slots are now available with the option of booking for next day delivery to up to one week in advance.
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Daylesford Butternut Soup with Honey & Sage (500ml) London Fresh
Daylesford Coconut Corn Chowder (500ml) London Fresh
Daylesford Organic Red Thai Chicken with Aubergine & Lemon Grass (550g) London Fresh
Rod & Ben's Organic Carrot & Cumin Soup (600g) London Fresh
Daylesford Organic Chicken Minestrone With 10 Vegetables & Chorizo (500ml) London Fresh
White Rabbit Chorizo Loco (315g) London Fresh
Borough Broth Co Chicken Bone Broth (324g) London Fresh
Borough Broth Co Beef Bone Broth (324g) London Fresh
Soupologie Turmeric; Carrot and Coconut Soup (600g) London Fresh
Soupologie Spinach & Kale Super Soup (600g) London Fresh
Pasta Fresca Rossi Red Lentil Ravioli with Tomato & Tofu (250g) London Fresh
Soupologie Cauliflower & Kale with Black Garlic Soup (600g) London Fresh
Biona Fresh Spinach & Leek Large Ravioli (350g) Sale London Fresh
£4.16 £4.89
Plantifull Creamy Mac (330g) London Fresh
Amisa Gnocchi (350g) London Fresh
Biona Pumpkin Gnocchetti (400g) Sale London Fresh
£3.73 £4.39
Pasta Fresca Rossi Tortellini with Cured Ham (250g) London Fresh
Ossa The Vegan Broth (500g) London Fresh
White Rabbit Mozzarella Fella Pizza (260g) London Fresh
White Rabbit Smokin' Vegan (320g) London Fresh
Rod & Ben's Lentil Soup (600g)
Auga Whole Mushrooms (250g)
Plantifull Creamy Mac (330g) London Fresh
Rod & Ben's Kale & Chickpea Soup (600g) London Fresh
Daylesford Mushroom & Truffle Soup (500ml) London Fresh
Rod & Ben's Aromatic Chicken Soup (600g) London Fresh
Pasta Fresca Rossi Green Pea Ravioli with Veg (250g) London Fresh
Daylesford Chicken Broth with Ginger & Veg (500ml) London Fresh
Wholegood Organic Courgette Spaghetti (300g) London Fresh
Daylesford Beef Broth with Pearl Barley & Veg (500ml) London Fresh
Soupologie Black Bean and Chipotle Soup (600g) London Fresh
White Rabbit Nudies (310g) London Fresh
Rod & Ben's Organic Pea and Mint Soup (600g) London Fresh
Daylesford Sweet Potato Soup with Red Pepper & Turmeric (500ml) London Fresh
Daylesford Spiced Pumpkin with Ginger & Puy Lentils (550g) London Fresh
Biona Fresh Tagliatelle (250g) Sale London Fresh
£2.81 £3.30

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