Make The Most of What's Left of Summer with Collagen by Planet Paleo
Make The Most of What's Left of Summer with Collagen by Planet Paleo

Make The Most of What's Left of Summer with Collagen by Planet Paleo

Tuesday, 21st August 2018

We all want to hit the beach (or the park if beach season has come to an end for you) looking and feeling our best, and collagen can help to get our skin, hair and nails ready to bare.
Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body, and up to 70% of the protein that makes up our skin is made from Collagen. It is vital for maintenance and structure, and is the glue that holds our tissues together. From our mid-twenties, we lose collagen at a rate of around 1% per year and it continues to decline as we grow older. The outer layer of our skin thins and loses elasticity which is why we may notice a difference in our skin with ageing or wrinkles as we age, as well as brittle nails and hair loss. Our lifestyle choices also play a role in reduced collagen levels, with stress, illness, diet and the environment affecting our collagen levels.
While many beauty products contain collagen for topical use, it’s real benefits come from within. Collagen gives skin its strength and elasticity, and hair and nails their strength too. It supports our skin cells to renew and repair themselves and has a firming effect which is great for combating wrinkles, or sagging skin. Research has shown hydrolysed collagen can help to reduce and prevent skin ageing (1, 2). Collagen also helps to keep the skin hydrated, so it’s perfect for dry, dehydrated skin. It can also be used to support healthy thick hair and strong nails too, it’s an all-round beauty booster.
Bovine and Marine Collagen powders are rich in Type 1 collagen which is the most abundant type in our body. Planet Paleo’s offers both Marine and Bovine Collagen powders but for even more Skin, Hair and Nails support we recommend the Planet Paleo Primal Goddess blend as it includes a blend of antioxidant rich berries, and key beauty nutrients such as biotin, hyaluronic acid and Zinc as well as their pure collagen to create a full spectrum beauty product that will help you to hit the beach feeling and looking your best this summer.

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