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Ginger Spiced Hot Chocolate

Ginger Spiced Hot Chocolate

Thursday, 6th December 2018

At this time of year there is nothing better than cosying up with a piping mug of hot chocolate, and even better when it is festive flavoured (and vegan-friendly!) This recipe from Chanelle (@apinchofbella) is so simple, and perfect for all you ginger lovers!



2 x cups of oat milk (or you can use whichever milk you prefer)

1/2 of an 85g bar of Just Ginger Seed & Bean Chocolate, plus one square for grating on top

1 x can of coconut cream 

2 x cinnamon sticks 



In a pan gently simmer the milk on a medium heat and add in chocolate stirring until melted.

Pour into two mugs.

Top with a scoop each of pure coconut cream (keep the rest for a creamy winter veggie soup), a cinnamon stick and some grated Just Ginger Dark Chocolate


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