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Gluten Free Grains

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Planet Organic Unroasted Buckwheat (500g)
BeMindFuel Super Green Protein Soup (44g)
Biona Organic Wild Rice Mix (500g)
Hodmedod Whole Fava Beans (500g)
BeMindfuel Tomato Basil Protein Soup (53g)
Planet Organic Amaranth Grain (500g)
CauliRice Original (200g)
Just Natural Quinoa Grain (1000g)
Hodmedod Split Green Peas (500g)
Just Natural Jasmine Rice Brown (500g)
Just Natural Long Grain Brown Rice (500g)
Just Natural Chickpeas (500g)
Karine & Jeff Moroccan Style Chickpeas (360g)
Hodmedod Carlin Peas - Black Badger (500g)
Just Natural Roasted Buckwheat (500g)
Just Natural Basmati White Rice (500g)
Just Natural GF Jumbo Oats (500g)
Just Natural Hemp Seeds Hulled (250g)
Planet Organic Black Rice (500g)
BeMindFuel Indian Curry Protein Soup (53g)
Merchant Gourmet Ready To Eat Beluga Lentils (250g)
Planet Organic Teff Grain (500g)
Amisa Organic Polenta Pronta (375g)
Just Natural Millet Grain (500g)
Clearspring Organic Brown Sushi Rice (500g) Sale
£2.21 £2.45
Just Natural Mung Beans (500g)
Just Natural Millet Flakes (500g)
Quinola Mothergrain Express Spicy Mexican (250g)
Lovegrass Brown Teff Grain (500g)
Biona Organic Polenta Bramata (500g)
Just Natural Red Kidney Beans (500g)
Biona Red Lentil Turmeric Dahl (350g)
Just Natural Red Split Lentils (500g)
Hodmedod Split Yellow Peas (500g)
Just Natural Haricot Beans (500g)
Biona Risotto Rice Mix (500g)

Quinoa, oats, seeds, rice, buckwheat, amaranth, risotto rice, popcorn, couscous, pudding rice, polenta, barley - we've got almost every grain you can imagine and you can rest assured that they're all free from gluten. Browse the full gluten free grains range today.

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Dairy Free
Certified Gluten Free
Certified Gluten Free
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No Gluten
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Wheat Free