Cosi Bio Prosciutto di Parma (80g)
Dairy Free
Wheat Free
No Gluten

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Product description
Among the most highly prized foods in the world, Parma ham uses pigs raised in a restricted area around Parma. The pigs are fed on the whey left over from making Parmesan, which ensures an exceptionally sweet meat. This particular Parma ham is certified organic has been cured for 20 months. In these 70 gram packs the ham is thinly sliced and ready to serve as anti-pasto, for wrapping fish or simply in a panino. To create Prosciutto di Parma, the pigs have to be raised in a restricted area around Parma and are fed on the left over whey from making Parmesan cheese which ensures exeptionally sweet meat. The hind legs of the pig have salt massaged into them for one month and are then left in temperature controlled cellars to loose moisture. After this time they are washed of salt, cleaned, dried and left to cure in special well-ventilated rooms for 3 to 4 months. At this point the cut side is covered wih lard to prevent excess drying and the meat is left for 20 months by which time it will have lost 30% of its original weight. The leg bone is then removed using a special tool and the ham sown up and often pressed into a mould to reshape it.
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