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Govinda Ayurvedic Ghee (500ml)
Wheat Free
No Gluten

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According to Ayurveda, Ghee is the healthiest of all fats. Along with milk and honey, Ghee is one of the most important rasayanas, and should be a part of the daily diet. Ghee is nutritious and can withstand high-heat cooking levels, without losing any of its value. It sits at the top of the list on the digestibility scale and ignites Agni, digestive fire. Ghee is a great alternative to butter, oil or fat. Due to the purity of our Ghee, no refrigeration is required. For cooking, baking and frying. Ghee makes your dishes more inviting, intensifying their flavours and helps to preserve vitamins when steaming. Ayurvedic Tip: Add one tablespoon to any warm dish and enjoy! Information: Ghee’s unique flavours and qualities increase with age. Govinda’s ayurvedic Ghee is produced in Germany and follows strict ayurvedic guidelines
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